7 creative ways to announce your task

7 creative ways to announce your task

The joy of announcing your pregnancy becomes all the more intense, as you manage to make the big news in a creative way. Although it seems easier to say to everyone "I am pregnant", choosing this easy way you look at a unique memory, which you always keep in your soul.

Numerous couples of future parents, with much imagination, have found original ways to convey to everyone that they will bring a child into the world. A creative announcement of pregnancy should not subject you to overwhelming efforts.

It can be simple and impactful, just as in the examples we have prepared to inspire you. Because a beautiful gift needs a customized packaging!

Mathematical equation

Life is made of calculations, equations and fractions. At least from a mathematician's perspective. And because it is easier to understand the data of a problem through simple assemblies, a couple already blessed with a child (and ready to bring him to the world yet another brother) has thought to resort to a simple algebraic operation: two (father and baby ) + two (mother and baby belly) = four.

You can easily adapt the operation according to the number of members of your family. Write the assembly on the board, sit in the right places and bring a smile on everyone's face with this really special pregnancy announcement.

Photo: smartparenting.com

Matrioska doll

Matrioska Russian dolls are brightly colored wooden toys, hollow inside, in which other smaller, identical dolls are introduced. Therefore, it is natural to associate these dolls with the arrival of a child in the world.

The creators of a greeting card with Russian dolls printed on the first page, which announces the recipient as yet another doll, are preparing to complete the line. A subtle but effective message!

Photo: smartparenting.com

Oven cake

A creative photographer thought to associate a client's task with preparing a delicious cake in the oven. So she begged the bigger sister of the unborn baby to pose next to her toy kitchen, assuming the role of "baby number 1". On the oven door is written "number 2", suggesting that in 9 months the second fruit of the love of happy parents will come to the world.

Photo: smartparenting.com

The calendar of happiness

You can announce your pregnancy through a very simple method, used by a creative couple: enter the data of the most important events in your life of love: the date you became loved, the day of marriage and the date when you will officially be a parent.

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Great promotion

Your first child may be the best messenger in the news that your family is to be supplemented by another member. To make the announcement as adorable as possible, draw inspiration from the hypothesis below: a smiling little boy praises the fact that he will be promoted to the "function" of an older brother, even from the month the baby is expected to be born.

Photo: smartparenting.com

Movie poster

While waiting for your baby, you are so happy that you feel that your life seems detached from the movies. Then why not design a poster to promote the wonderful story you live? You and your partner in main roles, titled "Our Boy" or "Our Girl" and the release date - the day you expect to be born. Here's an excellent idea, especially for moviegoers.

Photo: smartparenting.com

Good luck

Chinese cakes that have a message inside can be an unexpected and delightful way to report your pregnancy to other family members. Buy a box of Chinese donuts, take out the original spoons with a tweezers and enter yours with the special message: "you will be grandparents over 9 months", "you will have a grandson" etc.

How did you announce your pregnancy? If you are going to be a mom and you just found out, how do you plan to make the big news? Share with us the experience and ideas in the comments section below!

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