Post Sarmales

Post Sarmales

Even in the post you can prepare some delicious salads, and if you follow our recipe your family will not even notice the difference.

Preparation time

180 min.




1/2 kg mushrooms

4 tablespoons rice

2 strains

1 potato

1 large pickled cabbage (approx. 2 kg)

2 tablespoons broth

3 tablespoons oil





Bay leaves

Method of preparation

Clean the onion, chop it and chop it with a tablespoon of hot oil. When it turns golden, add the mushrooms washed and cut into cubes and leave everything to warm for another 10 minutes.

Over the well-seasoned mushrooms, add the broth, potatoes, grated rice, dried basil, thyme, salt and pepper. It mixes everything very well.

Pickled cabbage, which must first stand in cold water, in the desert, is chosen by the leaves. The leaves are cut off the ribs and brought to dimensions as close as possible to each other.

From the composition of mushrooms and rice, begins to wrap the sarmalut, like a cylinder, which covers at the ends. Proceed so until the completion of the entire composition.

In a large pot, put a layer of minced cabbage, then a row of sarmale and proceed so until you finish placing all the sarmalut.

Put the bay leaves among the sarmale, pour a little oil and 2 cups of water, then boil for one hour.

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