Food with pork

Food with pork

The traditional pork food is a preparation specific to the cold season, due to its high consistency. Sauces of this kind of tasty food and rich protein in the meat help the body restore its energy reserves.

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Preparation time

1 hour and 15 minutes




1/2 kg pork

2 strains

3 cloves of garlic


1 tablespoon pepper broth

salt, pepper, thyme



green parsley

Method of preparation

Cut the meat into cubes and fry it in a little oil poured on the bottom of the pot. When it begins to brown, add the finely chopped onion and wait 10 minutes until softened over medium heat.

Turn it off with a cup of water and add the veggies.

After another 10 minutes of boiling with the lid on top, add the pepper paste, the broth, the rest of the spices (salt, pepper, thyme) and another cup of water.

After half an hour, put the crushed garlic, sprinkle the broth quickly and put out the fire.

Add the chopped green parsley.

Method of serving

The pork is served with mamaliguta, puree, natural or simple potatoes, with bread and pickles.

Preparation tricks

For a more dietary option, boil the meat instead of frying it.

Nutritional value for 300 g

Calories: 274 kcal

Carbohydrates: 21.1 g

Fat: 8.5 g

Protein: 27.3 g