Baby sleep solutions

Baby sleep solutions

The recipe for the baby's quiet and restful sleep has not yet been invented, but the parents, along with the specialists, have managed to discover some useful solutions or tricks by which the little one can be helped to rest better whenever he visits Santa Ene on the gene. Discover the simplest and most effective tricks to help your baby sleep better at night and beyond!

Evening drink

Bathing is part of the pre-sleep routine of the baby with the strongest relaxing effect. The warm water, the soft movements with the soft sponge on the delicate skin of the baby and the games during bathing help the child to consume his energy, but also to relax, thus preparing him for sleep.

Table before bedtime

If you have a baby who gets used to waking up quite often at night, to be fed, find out that you can reduce the number of wakes by giving him the last meal shortly before bedtime. Give her the bottle or suck on her breast immediately after you're done with the bath, massage and other routine activities before bedtime.

Let him fall asleep with his full tummy, and the first awakening during the night will be delayed with a few good hours, which you can take advantage of to rest yourself.

Avoid eye contact

If you do not want to distract the baby from sleep, try to avoid eye contact when trying to fall asleep. If you always look into his eyes, you will catch his attention and delay the moment of his sleep. Try to look elsewhere when you swing it or put it in the crib. Let go of the soothing sounds and lights of the carousel mounted to the crib to capture its attention and relax it.

Emptying the crib of useless objects

Even if you like to see many toys near the baby when you sleep or want to increase the comfort by giving her a crib, the specialists argue that the best thing is for the little one to sleep directly on the mattress covered by a bed linen, without cushion, beds or toys around.

Besides the fact that such things can distract him from sleep, they are also dangerous to his health. There is a risk of suffocating with large plush toys, beds or pillows. If you are afraid that it is cold at night, better warm the room or put it in a sleeping bag, because it is much safer for him.

Pre-sleep massage

Massage is another relaxing activity that should be introduced to the baby's bedtime routine. The gentle movements of the massage relax it and help it get into sleep more easily and fall asleep faster. In addition, it seems that the massage helps the child to stay uninterrupted for several hours in a row.

Sleeping in the same room as the baby

Many parents avoid getting the baby to fall asleep in their bed or room, fearing that the little one may become dependent on them for rest. However, experts say that at the age of the baby, sleeping in the same room with the parents helps to increase the self-esteem of the little one and fights anxiety.

Do not sleep the baby in the same bed with you. Place a basket or minipath right next to the matrimonial bed. This way, you are close to him whenever he wakes up, and the child rests better, as he smells and is present and feels safe.

Treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease

One of the most common causes for babies to wake up at night is gastroesophageal reflux disease. The condition is rarely diagnosed at this age, but should be considered in the absence of other causes that cause the child to wake up frequently.

The disease occurs when the muscles that connect the esophagus and the stomach do not function properly. In this case, gastric acid rises in the esophagus, stagnates and causes discomfort that shakes the baby and wakes him from sleep. When suffering from this condition, the baby often spits milk or vomits, manifests colic-like reactions, drowns and does not eat properly. The disease should be investigated by a doctor to confirm its diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Touching the baby

If you are one of the parents who sleep with their babies in their arms or you just woke up that the baby was asleep near you, you have to be very careful when transferring it to his crib.

Most babies wake up when their parents transfer them from their warm and comfortable arms into the cold and uncomfortable crib. Therefore, it is recommended that after you put it in the crib, continue to touch it, eating it especially on the head, abdomen or hands, until it relaxes and sleeps again.

Relaxing music and white noise

The baby's sleep routine can include music or so-called white noise, which mimics the sounds of nature - the whisper of the water, the chirping of the catwalks, etc. These relaxing sounds play an essential role in inducing sleep and help you sleep better.

Suitable pajamas

The baby's sleep is also influenced by the pajamas she wears while she sleeps. They must be made of natural materials and as light as possible. If they are too tight, they will disturb the child and prevent him from sleeping well, and if they are too wide, he will become entangled in them and his sleep will be disturbed. Sleep the child in comfortable bodies, thicker or thinner, depending on the season.


Bedtime is another factor that can positively or negatively influence the baby's sleep. It is important to be consistent in observing the child's sleep time, but also to choose it accordingly. If you choose to sleep it too early, you will have difficulty, because it will not be sleep.

If you sleep too late, you may be too tired to fall asleep. Babies under 1 year should sleep between 18: 30-19: 00, daily, with the mention of always observing the pre-sleep routine.

How do you manage to make your baby fall asleep faster and help him sleep more peacefully? Share your secrets in the comment section below!

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