The last 3 days of registration in the children's drawing workshop centered on the character

The last 3 days of registration in the children's drawing workshop centered on the character

April 30 is the deadline by which parents can send their children to learn to draw, at the second edition of the workshop held by the illustrator Diana Necsulescu at the Motanov Academy.

In school, we started from mother, father and home, drawing representative landscapes for seasons, doing portraits or trying to reproduce an apple and learning to call it "still life". Maybe this method is one of the reasons why some of us did not continue training after drawing hours left the program.

The character-centered drawing is much more fun. Because you want to be able to draw an animal, a monster or who knows what creature you invented and you want to show it to your friends. To draw a character, start from simple shapes - lines, circles, triangles and other geometric figures, which are the basis for the details you add later. Until you say get out of the drawing and make bees, the sheep is a circle and a few lines. Or it's a box, if the Little Prince draws it.

For children who want to learn how to draw characters, the Motanov Academy organizes at the MORA Art Center in Bucharest a character-focused drawing workshop. Starting from the experience in the cartoon of the coordinator, the children will learn and think about what kind of personality the character has, what he does in the cartoon, why, with whom he interacts. The character has a story behind it. Pictures from the first edition.

The workshop has registrations until April 30 and will run from May 9 to May 31. The meetings take place on Saturday and Sunday from 12:30 to 14:30, for 4 weekends. The cost of the workshop is 450 lei and is paid in two installments. For the detailed program on meetings and other details, go to //www.motanov.ro/portfolio/atelierdesen/.

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