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The benefits of ballet for your little girl. Schools where you can practice ballet

The benefits of ballet for your little girl. Schools where you can practice ballet

The children have inexhaustible sources of energy and they surprise us daily with their agility. A question to be answered as parents is how to get our little ones to channel and consume their energy in a constructive way that will help them develop. One answer to this question is sport.

It is not news that physical activity is essential for the harmonious development of children, and doctors warn us about the danger posed by sedentarism for both adults and children.

Sports for children. Age guide

It is important for our little ones to learn to love sports and physical activities in general to give them a healthy start in life, knowing that sport helps children develop physically and emotionally.

An activity that combines art with physical activity is ballet. The little girls who practice ballet will only have to gain from it and can start it from the age of 3 years. Through ballet they will develop both motor and cognitive skills.

The physical benefits of ballet for your little girl

From the beginning you must know that ballet is much more than just a dance and that in order to reach the grace and elegance of the great ballerinas it takes years of work doubled by passion and talent. However, you should not only look at ballet from the perspective of a career. It can only be an extracurricular activity practiced out of love for dance and music that does not materialize in shows on the big scenes, but it can be a hobby by which your little girl will spend her free time with use.

The ballet contributes to the development of the muscles of the whole body, especially of the legs, but also of the hands and the torso, as well as to the strengthening of the bone system. Coordination, flexibility and correction of body posture, as well as the movement balance are other benefits of practicing this type of dance.

We all easily recognize a ballerina when we see it. The impeccable posture, gracefulness and elegance in the movements are a first ballerina's business card. Even if you do not plan for the girl to become a professional dancer, all these physical attributes will definitely help her in the future.

It is also good to know that ballet will cause the girl to become aware of what a healthy diet means, especially in the context in which more and more children suffer from obesity. She will understand that in order to keep her body fit for ballet she must have adequate nutrition, and her childhood eating habits will affect the adult's life as well.

Emotional benefits

This dance will help your little girl combat stress and anxiety by developing her ability to concentrate and greatly contributing to self-esteem. The ballet classes will give him the feeling of self-fulfillment, and the learned movements and the shows in which he is in the center of attention will give him the ambition to overcome himself.

We should also not forget that ballet is an art form that will stimulate their creativity and give them the opportunity to become familiar with classical music. Shy children will be able to overcome their emotions and will be encouraged to exhibit their artistic side in a healthy environment governed by culture and elegance.

Once he will provide representations to an audience, no matter how small he may be, your little girl will manage to overcome the fear and fear of evolving in front of a group of people. At the same time, ballet will teach you what discipline means, because it is a fun activity but also demanding at the same time.

Social benefits

Once you start practicing this style of dance, your little girl will interact with a lot of other kids who are passionate about ballet. Because it is a group activity, it will help to socialize and connect friends.

At the same time, the ballet will develop team spirit, cooperation and facilitate communication between children.

Schools where you can practice ballet

In Bucharest there are many schools where your little girl can practice ballet. Here are some of them:

Raluca Cioaca singing and ballet academy

It is aimed at children with a minimum age of 3 years.

Address: Ciprian Porumbescu str. 14, et.1, ap.3, Sector 1

Phone: 0741 470 336/0311 059 896

Email: [email protected]


Rates: 8 individual lessons (50min / lesson): 560 Ron

4 individual lessons (50min / lesson): 300 Ron

Baby Balet (3 - 5 years) 8 lessons (30 min / lesson; group of 6 children): 200 Ron

Ballet Standard (over 6 years) 8 lessons (50 min / lesson; group of 10 children): 250 Ron

Ballet house

The courses can be attended by girls who are at least 3 years old in several locations in the Capital

Address: str. Calea Dorobantilor, nr 127- 129, Sector 1 / Strada Soldat Pripu Gheorghe 22 A,

Sector 1 / Blanari Street no. 21, Sector 3 / Mihail Eminescu Street no. 163

Sector 2 / Strada Lanariei no. 90, Sector 4

Phone: 0724 238 365


Rates: Baby Balet - 150 Ron / month (8 courses of 30 min)

Standard ballet - 250 Ron / month (8 courses of 55 min)

Weekend courses - 150 Ron / month (4 courses of 55 min)

Intensive ballet - 300 Ron / month (8 courses of 55 min)

Balet Studio Giuliana

The students have a minimum age of 4 years.

Address: str. Traian Popovici, no. 77, et. 1, Sector 1

Phone: 021-3305504 / 0721498174/0722285018

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Website: //

Rates: Course fee: 120 lei / month - 2 hours course / week and Registration fee: 15 lei

Ballet Dance Academy Art

It is addressed to children starting at the age of 3 years.

Address: Str. Dr. Staicovici no. 4, Sector 5 / Str. Mihail Sebastian, no. 130

Phone: 021-3357729 / 0723 22 5538

Email: [email protected]

Website: //

The Sylphide Ballet School

The courses can be attended by children with a minimum age of 4 years, but the school also has a Babay Ballet module for children between 2 and a half and 4 years.

Address: Str. Old precepts no. 30, Sector 2 / Pipera Boulevard, no. 41A

Phone: 021-2104752 / 0722 476 176/0749 476 176

Website: //

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