For your health and your family: a new drugstore where you will have access to a variety of products

For your health and your family: a new drugstore where you will have access to a variety of products

Bebesupermarket Militari, the first supermarket for babies in Romania, is launching a drugstore

Bebesupermarket Militari announces the opening of a first drugstore through which customers will have access to a variety of products, including pharmaceuticals released without a prescription.

The opening of the drugstore within the Bebesupermarket Militari marks another stage in the development of the business that intends, in the near future, to directly import a series of products and to open a store, most likely outside Bucharest.

"The decision to open a drugstore came as a result of the requests made by our clients in this regard. The drugstore will make available to the clients pharmaceutical products that can be marketed without prescription, both for children and adults, but also medical devices. and pregnancy tests. " says Afrodita Pircalabescu, Shareholder - Bebesupermarket Militari.

In addition to launching the drugstore, Bebesupermarket Militari is preparing to launch online, starting this fall, so that it can provide access to its entire range of products for parents with young children across the country.

"Starting from my experience as a mother, I saw how difficult it is to find everything you need for a new baby or baby until 4 years old. So, when the opportunity arose, I joined a group with great enthusiasm. of friends, including Dragos Vladu and we opened a store dedicated to baby products. We wanted it to be a new concept, different from the classic shops, "says Afrodita.

Launched on the market in response to the need for families with babies to find in one place everything they want for their child, Bebesupermarket Militari is arranged on a single level and built according to the model of supermarkets, the exhibition area for products is over 1,000 sq m The store has an offer of over 15,000 products accessible directly to the shelf, organized into categories and subcategories to facilitate the buyers search.

Although it has adopted the supermarket model for the display of products, Bebesupermarket Militari distances itself from it through the advisory services offered to customers.

"Given the degree of product specialization, whenever it needs, the client can benefit from the information and recommendation of our team of professional advisers. We have developed our own concept of counseling", continues Afrodita Pircalabescu.

The military supermarket was founded starting from the idea of ​​a store where parents with children up to 4 years old can find everything needed for them, at low prices, but without discounting the quality.

"Although the expenses are substantial, considering the occupied area and the team of over 40 employees, we managed to become profitable only a few months after launch, after which the store has grown steadily, reaching a second year of activity at a figure of business of over 7 million euros, "adds Aphrodite.