Do you want to have your skin naturally hydrated all day?

Do you want to have your skin naturally hydrated all day?

APIVITA combines the elements of nature into one serum, for a deep hydration

Hydrated and healthy skin is a daily challenge for any woman's care ritual. Dehydrated skin can be an obstacle to day-to-day well-being, but also a precedent for premature aging.

The inability of the skin to maintain its hydration and elasticity may be due to factors such as skin type, age and nutrition, but also due to external influences, such as sun, wind, cold air.

If you want a deep hydrated complexion, APIVITA has the solution: NATURAL HYDRATING SERUM WITH ALLOYS AND HYLURONIC ACID 15 ML.

With a content of 98% natural ingredients, APIVITA serum increases the vitality of the skin and stimulates all skin hydration processes, being suitable for all ages and skin types.

With a high concentration of active ingredients, the serum combines the supreme power of nature with that of science, providing instant hydration for 24 hours.

Aloe extract and hyaluronic acid provide deep hydration

Oats and lecithin improve skin hydration for 24 hours up to 63%

Honey is an adjuvant in the process of cellular regeneration

The 100% organic bitter essential oil works as a rejuvenating treatment

Price: 124.99 lei, available in Sensiblu pharmacies.

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