Acting courses for children

Acting courses for children

Acting courses for children

Our children have a variety of extracurricular activities so that they can spend their free time in a relaxing and fun way and to help them in their development from all points of view.

Any extracurricular activity is beneficial for your little one, whether we talk about a sport or an activity in the arts, but for children who have an inclination towards the arts, acting is a perfect choice that develops both physical and emotional skills.

How does acting classes help your little one?

Apart from the fact that at these courses your little one will have fun and relax after school hours, they have a lot of benefits for him. His creativity will be particularly stimulated by these courses, he will express his emotions in a creative way and he will learn to expose his ideas without constraints.

At the same time, we should not underestimate the social component of acting classes. They will help your little one interact and communicate easily with the people around him, be it children of the same age or adults. He will be in an environment where he will have to constantly get in touch with other children and alone will make new friends.

From an intellectual point of view, the acting classes will improve them dictation, ability to concentrate and analyze, as well as the ability to memorize and understand a text, and these skills will be helpful in school.

The theater will also help you overcome your shyness and fear of speaking in public, that trait we have all heard about and often face when we have to speak in front of a larger group of people. It will help him to strengthen his confidence in his own strengths and will make a beneficial contribution on his self-esteem and his overall mood.

We must not forget that acting is an environment governed by culture, and your little one will enrich your knowledge and general culture with the participation in courses dedicated to this art.

If your little one loves to be in the spotlight, the acting classes are perfect for him. Also, and if you have an introverted child, theater could be the solution to get him out of his carapace and open up.

At the same time, theater also means movement and physical activity, and it is extremely important in the process of child development.

Our recommendations of acting schools for your little one

Galapagos Studio

The acting course for children from Galapagos Studio is intended for children between 4 and 16 years old. The aim is to develop the imagination, the sense of observation and memory, as well as the dictation.

The tariff is 230 lei / month for 8 sessions respectively for 4 sessions for larger groups. The courses take place twice a week for the group 4-7 years and once a week for children over 7 years.

Address: Ion Brezoianu Street, no. 23, 5th floor, sector 1, Bucharest, (Universul Palace)

Phone: 0723.488.701 / 0721.700.522

E-mail: [email protected]


Step in Art

At Step in Art, children between the ages of 4 and 13 are welcome. During the courses here, children will develop their verbal and non-verbal language, as well as their attention and ability to concentrate. The courses for children from 7 to 13 years old are based on improvisation and they intend to develop the creativity of the little ones.

The price for 4 acting courses per month is 150 RON.

Address: Str. Zamfir's well, no.21, et.1, sector 1, Bucharest

Phone: 0723 723 088

E-mail: [email protected]


Dream Club in Dungi

The courses of this club are designed for two age groups - 5 - 8 years and 8 - 18 years. The children will do exercises of dictation and speech, training of the voice, they will learn elements of dance, improvisation and pantomime. The courses take place once a week, and the groups include 12 children.

Address: inside the School 193 - Mihaela Marcu Ruxandra Street, Nr. 3, Sector 6, Bucharest

Phone: 0723 99 14 88

E-mail: [email protected]



At this club, children learn basic notions in acting, but also in scenic movement, music or dance.

Address: Soseaua Vitan - Barzesti no. 7A, sector 4, Bucharest / Str. The potter, no. 11, Sectorul 2, Bucharest / Str. Brad's Meadow No. 2, Sector 3, Bucharest

Phone: 0751 10 20 89

E-mail: [email protected]


My club

The theatrical art courses at My Club are aimed at children with a minimum age of 5 years and a maximum age of 12 years. The price of a subscription of 4 sessions per month is 150 RON.

Address: 65 Lacul Tei Bd (opposite the Circus Park), Sector 2, Bucharest

Phone: 0744 91 32 39/0724 24 00 67/0723 269 274

Email: [email protected]


Sarida Club

The theater courses from Sarida Club are aimed at children between 4-12 years old. Within them, the little ones will learn oratory techniques, stage presence, diction, breathing, mimicry and gesture.

A session lasts 90 minutes, and the price for 4 sessions / month is 130 lei.

Address: Crisul Alb Street, Nr. 9-13, 2nd floor, Sector 4, Bucharest

Phone: 0726 52 88 44

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]



The children's acting program within Q-Feel aims to introduce children to the world of theatrical art through games designed to develop self-confidence, spontaneity and creativity. The groups of children include 15 participants, and the cost for one month of courses is 200 lei, while for 3 months it is 500 lei.

The courses are structured into two age groups - 4 - 7 years and 7-14 years.

Address: Str. Cameliei, no 39, Floor 2, Sector 1, Bucharest (Matache Square area)

Phone: 0731 61 78 92

Email: [email protected]


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