Tips for choosing the right maternity ward where you will give birth

Tips for choosing the right maternity ward where you will give birth

Choosing the motherhood in which you will give birth is an extremely important decision for you and your child. Any pregnant woman usually makes a well-developed plan in this regard, so that the care given to both her and the newborn, meet the standards she wants.

Whether you want to give birth naturally or undergo surgery to bring your baby to the world, if you are adept at classical methods or want to try new ones such as water birth, you will need to consider many variables beforehand. to opt for a specific clinic or hospital.

Of course, the first thing any future mom would do would be to find out about the places where the gynecologist overseeing her pregnancy works, but the motherhood where she works may not be to your liking, so you will need to find one that meets all the safety, hygiene and care criteria you aspire to.

Here are some tips that will help you make this decision easier!

Find the balance between comfort and expenses

Private maternities are often praised for the comfort they offer to patients: modern furniture, single cells and amenities such as air conditioning or television and internet access are just some of the positive aspects that differentiate them from most state maternities.

On the other hand, the costs are often very high. Therefore, you will need to set some priorities in terms of comfort and opt for either a more clinically accessible private clinic, if you do not have an unlimited budget, or are interested in maternity care. state that offers better conditions for patients.

Make sure you know while the doctor is assisting you at birth

If the gynecologist who supervised your pregnancy is not available or does not work in the maternity ward you want to give birth to, you need to make sure that you know the one who will attend you at the time of birth. As a rule, this is unlikely in state hospitals and clinics, where the number of births is unpredictable and quite large and may occur at any time.

In a private maternity, the schedule will be respected, precisely because the doctors here rarely face overcrowding or emergency situations.

Visit several maternities to compare them

Whether you call for state or private medical services, you have the opportunity to carefully consider the offers before making a final decision. Most of the maternities will present your conditions and you will be able to make such a decision depending on the hygiene conditions they offer or depending on the facilities they make available to patients.

If you do not know anything about this topic, you can ask questions among friends who have already passed through a birth or you can inform on the forums about the conditions of motherhood, to shorten the list of those you will see more closely.

Interested in the food during the hospitalization period

Unless you have drawn the winning lot and your husband is the best cook in the world, it would be good for you to have a hot meal during your stay. In fact, and if he is a big fan, he will be too busy to mourn the joy that he has become a father, so you have to make sure that motherhood provides you with this.

There are also state hospitals and clinics that provide food during the hospitalization period, and within the private ones this is unlimited. If you feel more demanding in this regard, find out with which the catering company collaborates with the mother and make a tasting before your luck comes.

Find out what you need to buy yourself before you give birth

As most state maternities do not benefit from great funding, you may need to purchase your own sanitary ware, from diapers to bandages. Find out this beforehand and get ready for everything you need to miss the big day.

On the other hand, private maternity offers all these things, including night shifts and disposable underwear and include them in the total costs of the birth.

Interested in the maternity policy for emergency situations

State clinics and hospitals, as opposed to private ones, are much better looked at in the case of premature births and those with complications. They have intensive care units for both newborns and new mothers, so they are recommended for such situations.

Private maternities, despite the modern conditions they provide, are most often lacking the equipment and equipment needed to respond in cases of emergency and are used to transfer patients, mothers and children, to state hospitals when encounter such drawbacks.

If you have a small budget, consider all the costs that may arise during the course

When you are preparing to become a mom, you need to be more responsible and consider all possible, convenient or less convenient variants. And when you have a low budget, decisions are even more difficult.

In Romania, state maternities have the obligation not to charge births. However, there are also doctors who charge certain "fees" to attend the birth, to be more careful with the patients and to give them the help they need, and this is also true of the nurses.

Private maternities have well-established rates for all the services they offer and offer both more affordable and more expensive packages. Before making a decision, however, you should approximate the total costs of each variant and make a decision based on the advantages and disadvantages of each option.