Apple puree without sugar

Apple puree without sugar

Sugar free apple puree is ideal for healthy eating of children. It can be offered as dessert or snack between meals.

Preparation time

20 minutes




2 kg apples

1 to cinnamon

2 cups of water

lemon juice

Method of preparation

Choose very sweet apples. Wash the fruits, then clean them with peel and seeds and cut them into pieces. Stop apple slices with lemon juice so they don't oxidize.

Put the fruit, water and cinnamon stick in a pot and let it boil over low heat, until the apple soaks well.

Crush the apples just as you do the mashed potatoes, but after you remove the cinnamon stick. When you get a homogeneous paste, you can divide it into sterilized jars.

Close these jars tightly, then boil them in bain-marie, about 30 minutes.

Leave the jars to cool in a saucepan, then remove and store them in the room.

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