7 games and activities to raise a smart child

7 games and activities to raise a smart child

Raising a smart or smart child is not as difficult as you might think. Even though some parents have the impression that they have to invest money and efforts to stimulate the intelligence of the little one, in fact, simple games and some daily activities contribute to the improvement of intellectual abilities. Here are some ideas for games and activities that you should encourage in your child's daily schedule!

Board games

Board games are some of the most useful activities in which the child can be involved to train their thinking.

They have the role of stimulating the child to think and to find strategies and solutions to various problems or key situations that are encountered during the game.

Educational games

Any type of play contributes to the development of the child's intelligence and intelligence. Whether it stimulates his imagination, creativity or insight, educational games have the role not only to teach him new things, good manners and to enrich his general culture. They make him think and use his brain to devise strategies to successfully complete them.

Among the most useful games for intelligence development are puzzles, card games, chess, sudoku, word games, memory, etc. Each of them trains the mind and causes the child to use as many intellectual skills as possible to complete the game.

Drawing and coloring

It stimulates the child from a very young age to draw, write and color. There are activities that will please him and which will help him to improve his intellectual abilities. It stimulates the child's imagination and creativity, two of the essential processes in thinking, and helps the child to become smarter.

Daily reading

Reading is one of the activities that most stimulate the cognitive side of children and runs all the "motor" of the brain. If you want to raise a smart child, make sure you cultivate a small passion for books and stories.

Create a tradition of telling stories every day and reading books. Be a positive example for him and show him how wonderful the book world can be. It is important to turn reading into an interesting and engaging activity for him. Once you cultivate the seed of reading, it will hardly break away from it.

Daily sports

Specialists have shown that sports or daily physical movement play an important role in stimulating intelligence in children. Physical education helps the child grow big, strong and healthy, which has a strong impact on his psychological development. Movement contributes to oxygenation of the brain and to the improvement of intellectual activity.

The video games

Not all video games are harmful to the child's development. There are many games and applications for iPhone or tablet that play an essential role in stimulating the brain and intellectual activity of the child.

Sedentarism and computer addiction are two risks that worry parents when it comes to computer use. With a well-established computer playtime program, your child can only benefit in his intellectual development.

Choose for him strategy, memory and educational games, which train his thinking and stimulate his intellectual activities.

Passions and hobbies

Follow what your child's passions or talents are and do his or her best to develop them among his / her daily activities. Cultivating passions - sport, painting, music, theater, reading, etc. - represents an "nourishment" important for his brain and for intellectual development. If you want to have a smart child, let him deepen the things that he likes, the activities in which he is talented and cultivate new talents.

What are you doing to help your child be smarter? What activities or games do you think have a role in helping him become smarter? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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