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The right kindergarten for your child

The right kindergarten for your child

Choosing the right kindergarten can be a daunting task for any mom. The final decision is made on the basis of a variety of criteria that can severely limit your options. To make sure, however, that you make a choice knowing the cause, here are some of the essential criteria that you must consider!

Safety offered to the child

One of the most important criteria when choosing kindergarten and often the first one that comes to mind is the safety of the little one. Detachment from the mother and family environment can be traumatic experiences for the child - it is important for the child to find the support and care he needs inside the kindergarten.

The selection process must take into account, therefore, the safety that the child will benefit during the time spent in kindergarten. It is important to find out as much information about the food offered to the children, but also about the medical facilities and the appearance of the rooms in which the children carry out their activities (educational, playful and resting).

Foods offered to children should be as natural as possible and less processed. At the same time, sweets should not contain large quantities of sugar and, ideally, be prepared in the kindergarten kitchen.

Also, the rooms of the kindergarten should be large, bright and well ventilated, so that it does not predispose to the formation of igrasia - mold can seriously affect the health of the child!

Kindergarten location

Another criterion that many parents consider when choosing the kindergarten for the little one is the location in relation to the personal home. A kindergarten located near the house and, more than that, on the way to work is more accessible and helps you organize your daily schedule with greater ease.

The fee charged by the kindergarten

Money is often a thorny problem in the process of selecting the right kindergarten for the child. The monthly amount paid by the parents can vary considerably, depending on the type of kindergarten (state or private) and the facilities offered.

Thus, if the tax charged by the state kindergartens can be relatively small, subsidized by the city hall, the one from the private kindergartens can get to extract important amounts monthly from the pockets of the parents. A complete evaluation - which also includes the transport costs, supplies for the child, etc. - it will help you discover which is really the kindergarten that your family can afford.

The kindergarten program

The program is another important criterion on which the choice of the right kindergarten can depend to a large extent. You can choose between a kindergarten with a normal program (8.00 - 12.00) and a kindergarten with an extended program (7.30 - 17.30). At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that, not infrequently, private kindergartens offer greater program flexibility than state ones.

The kindergarten staff

It is natural that you want your little one to benefit from a quality education from the kindergarten period. Therefore, choosing the right kindergarten for your child should also take into account the training of the teaching staff, but also the possible existence of specialists such as doctors, psychologists and speech therapists, who can in turn contribute to the good development of your little one.

The educational offer of the kindergarten

In correlation with the previous point, the kindergarten suitable for your child can be chosen according to the educational offer it proposes. Besides the specific activities of any kindergarten, the educational offer could also include foreign language courses, after-school program, dance, piano, violin courses, etc. Depending on the child's native inclinations, you will be able to select a kindergarten that will contribute to their carving and development.

Kindergarten reputation

In order not to start from scratch, you can always rely on kindergarten recommendations made by friends, for example, or parents who have exposed their personal experience on online forums. It will be useful and it will prove to be a visit - possibly on a number of occasions - to the kindergartens you are considering, so that you can form your own opinion.

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