The benefits of baby massage for parents who are experiencing postpartum depression

The benefits of baby massage for parents who are experiencing postpartum depression

With the advent of a baby in the family, parents have to face some responsibilities that they have not had before. Most of the time, they naturally assume new roles and new tasks are included in the daily routine. There are cases, however, when this stage in the parents' lives becomes a difficult obstacle, and they need help.

I used the term "parents" because not only can the mother suffer from postpartum depression, but also the father. In mothers, unfortunately, postnatal depression is quite common and may extend over a long period of time. Depression in fathers is rarer and usually occurs in the 0-6 month period, with a higher incidence in families where either the mother is depressed or the two are in the first child.

Whether it is maternal or paternal, postnatal depression can have long-term negative consequences for both children and parents, which is why it should not be ignored.

How does baby massage help?

Massage for babies comes to the aid of parents in two ways.

  • First of all, massage helps them to overcome the state of depression more easily by increasing their self-esteem, learning to communicate with their child, deciphering his behavior, listening to him and loving him.
  • Secondly, massage helps improving the mother-father-child relationship and attachment, an extremely important aspect for the baby. Thus, the family can benefit from a balanced emotional life and provide a positive model for the future adult.

Very beneficial for parents who are suffering from depression, but not only, are childcare, massage or music lessons for babies. Here, moms and dads can enjoy a pleasant activity with their children, interacting with other people, learning from each other and supporting each other.

Mirela Dragota

Massage instructor for babies

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