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At what age do men want to become dads?

At what age do men want to become dads?

The age at which most men want to become dads is not always the same as recommended by psychologists or fertility specialists.

Although they recommend men to consider paternity until they are 35 years old, there is a tendency to increase the average age at which men become parents, until around 40 years.

Here is the right age at which men should become parents, but also what are the signs that suggest they are ready for this step!

At what age is it indicated that men become fathers?

The biological clock of a man is different from that of women. While women are pressured by the time they think about becoming mothers, men can conceive children at any age. Their fertility has to suffer as the years go by, but not in the case of women, who, after entering menopause, after 40 years, can no longer conceive children.

However, the experts concluded that men should consider paternity before they reach the age of 35. After this age, they say, sperm quality decreases, and with it, fertility. In addition, doctors warn that if they manage to leave their partners pregnant by this age, there is a risk that the pregnancy may end in miscarriage.

Poor sperm quality determines the risk of complications during pregnancy. The specialists found an increased incidence of spontaneous abortions in women whose partners were over 35 years old. The age of women has no influence on this risk. Late paternity comes with a lot of other risks and complications, being associated with the risk of autism and schizophrenia in children.

When are men ready to become parents?

In addition to age, there are other factors that influence men's decision to become a father. As with women, men first expect to strengthen their careers, have a stable financial situation and, above all, find a suitable partner to become the mother of their children.

Also, the attraction to children and babies, the sudden interest in clothes and things for the little ones or the desire to spend time with children weighs heavily in the decision to become a father. However, unlike their partners, the paternal instinct appears at an older age.

Men age later than women. If most women feel a desire to become a mother and feel ready to take this step starting at age 25, men develop this instinct after 30, even 35 years, and in the modern age, the average age has even begun grow.

It is important that men become parents when they first feel emotionally prepared, but also take into account the medical issues involved in delaying this moment in the long term.

How do you think the age of men influences their chances of becoming parents? What do you think is the ideal age to become a dad? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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