Week 25 of pregnancy - the list of things to do

Week 25 of pregnancy - the list of things to do

It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- Don't you think, your tummy is bigger than the picture you made last week, which means it's time to make a difference with a new photo for your pregnancy album; the fetus now has the size of a cauliflower; the central nervous system develops more and more and even the hair does not "stand" for nothing; is it not so you are curious to find out what color his capillary hair is and who he looks like ?!

- buy new shoes - if you have already fitted your wardrobe with light and comfortable clothes for pregnancy, it is time for a new shopping session, this time, comfortable shoes or shoes; not all women need new shoes, but if your soles are swollen, it is advisable to wear something as comfortable as possible; it can help you fight back and foot pain that you may experience during this period;

- back pain (lumbar), hands, feet, joints (knees, elbows, fingers, thighs) can give you relief during this period, both because of the excessive weight of the body that is supported by the legs, as well as the hormonal fluctuations - in in some cases, these pains can be alleviated only by the administration of some medication (acetaminophen is safe in pregnancy, but it is advisable to seek medical advice); before resorting to medications, try to relieve pain through massage, wearing comfortable shoes and a belly belt for pregnant women, yoga exercises, easy swimming, etc .;

- since you no longer wrote in the pregnancy journal or blog ?! if you have left behind, you may find some time to spread your thoughts that tried this week, but also the beautiful events you attended or the surprises your loved ones have prepared for you;

- be alert to the symptoms of preeclampsia, a frequent complication of pregnancy that can occur at any time after the age of 20 weeks; constantly monitor your blood pressure; hypertension is the first and most important sign of preeclampsia, but the symptomatic picture also includes headaches, vision disorders, weight gain, pain in the lower abdomen, etc .; if you find such symptoms, go to the doctor urgently; but before you get really scared whenever the values ​​of the blood pressure rise, find out that a slight increase in blood pressure is not necessarily associated with preeclampsia; keep an eye on the other symptoms, before you get impatient!

- Have you ever had a baby shower party? If you haven't done so by now, it might be best not to postpone it much, since once you get into your third trimester of pregnancy, you won't have a great mood for the party; do not forget to take many pictures and write down all the sweet gifts you receive, to remind you over the years of what things have been spoiled and what surprises have been made to you; In addition, it should be noted in the pregnancy journal or shared on the blog.