Week 26 of pregnancy - to-do list

Week 26 of pregnancy - to-do list

It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- it is time for the next picture with the tummy, since it is already bigger, in the conditions in which your fetus reaches during this period the size of a green salad; it is the period in which the eyes and eyelashes are formed; the immune system strengthens and forms the antibodies necessary for survival outside the intrauterine environment; his skin began to turn pink, as the body began to produce melanin;

- you can notice a slight increase in blood pressure during this period; Although hypertension is a high risk factor for serious complications - preeclampsia, premature birth or premature removal of the uterus placenta - you should not panic; specialists argue that between 6% and 8% of pregnant women experience mild hypertension during this period, without presenting the risk of complications; however, it is advisable to constantly monitor your values ​​and go to the doctor if you grow considerably or are accompanied by increased fatigue, vaginal bleeding, vision disorders, dizziness, etc.

- choose the motherhood in which you want to give birth; in case your obstetrician does not work in a private office, it is advisable to already form a list of possible maternities in which you would like to give birth; if the obstetrician is in a clinic, you can consider the idea of ​​giving birth there; however, it is important to be interested in the maternity policies related to the birth, to people who can attend the birth, conditions of hospitalization or other facilities, before making a decision; if you already have in mind the motherhood where you want to give birth, it's time to go and sign up or find out what documents you need to be able to give birth there;

- it is time for the last romantic getaway with your partner in the task; soon, you will enter the last quarter, which is also the most physically demanding; you will no longer have the disposition nor the energy to leave in a miniathancy with your future father; take advantage of the fact that, by the 28th week of pregnancy, you should not go to any medical check-up; enjoy the last truly quiet moments in two, leaving a few days or a weekend out of town, to regain the passion of your couple; communicate more, share emotions, feelings, feelings and support each other in everything you feel;

- don't ignore your baby; even if it is hidden there, in your tummy, it does not mean that it is not attentive to everything that moves outside it; Don't forget that, now, your baby hears and loves to talk to them and hum their songs;

- if you have delayed the moment of enrolling in prenatal courses or you were not quite sure whether to follow them, but now you want a minimum training for birth, it is not too late to do so; you have several months until the birth, which gives you enough time to learn techniques for preparing for the birth, but also the most important things about caring for the newborn.