Natural treatments for hair loss

Natural treatments for hair loss

Hair loss is one of the most common beauty problems that women face. Whatever you try to prevent this "nightmare" of your hair with quality cosmetic products, the stressful and over-demanding lifestyle puts his mark on his health and makes him fall more and more. Here are some effective natural treatments that can quickly prevent hair loss!

Massage with olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most handy and simple natural treatments for hair loss. All you have to do is put your olive oil on your palms and start massaging your scalp with it for a few minutes. Leave it for a few hours to act and then just wash your normal hair.

Massage with castor oil

Castor oil works on the same principle and follows the same method of use as olive oil. It has the role of preventing hair loss and regenerating it. Massage the scalp with castor oil and allow it to act for several hours before washing it.

Washing and rinsing with herbal tea

Tea made from walnut and birch leaves, nettles, stalk and shock flowers is the ideal natural combination to stop the loss of your hair. All you have to do is apply half the amount of tea at first, on dry hair, massage the scalp a little, then wash normally and rinse the hair well with the remaining tea.

The specialists recommend that the products for washing should also be organic, possibly containing ingredients from the composition of the tea.

Tincture of hot peppers

Take a few pieces of hot pepper and prepare a tincture of them or buy the product directly from a natural store. All you have to do is, once a week, apply the dye and massage it energetically all over your scalp, then wash your normal hair. It seems to be very effective against hair loss.

Massage with propolis

Buy at the pharmacy an alifie or tincture containing at least 30% propolis in it. Then apply aliphia or tincture on the scalp and massage vigorously. Wash normal. Repeat the procedure every time you wash your head. It seems that propolis has a strong action against hair loss and stimulates the regeneration of hair.

Watercress juice

Watercress juice is another effective remedy against unwanted hair loss. Prepare a juice from the raw water and apply it on the hair, massaging the scalp strongly. Rinse with plenty of water. The action is repeated whenever you wash your head.

Decoction of burns

Comb decoction is one of the most effective solutions against hair loss. A mixture of water and decoction is prepared. Put about 30 grams of decoction of brisket in a liter of water. Rinse with this mixture every time you wash your head. It seems that the brushes extend their properties and also act against the mold.

What natural methods do you use against hair loss? Tell us your secrets and suggestions in the comment section below!

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