Plaza Romania has designated the winners of the Bon Appetit cooking competition

Plaza Romania has designated the winners of the Bon Appetit cooking competition

After the last stage of the cooking contest, three winners received prizes totaling over 3,500 euros.

The three winners of the Bon Appetit cooking contest, together with the winners of the two special prizes offered for popularity and originality, were nominated in the Final held at Plaza Romania.

The one who qualified on 1st place won 1,000 euros, 2nd place won 500 euros, and 3rd place won 250 euros. All these, together with the winners of the special prizes, received one cookery course offered by ICEP Hotel School.

Confrontation of the gastronomic abilities of the final competitors, hosted by Plaza Romania on October 11th, put the jury to trial Antonio Passarelli, Dan Boerescu, a blogger Isabela Dobrin and Affan Yildirim, General Manager at Anchor Group.

"We know that Romanians are big fans of gastronomic shows, so we thought we would make one at their fingertips, in a completely unique setting for such competitions - a shopping center. We supported the gastronomic amateur community and they we gave her members the chance to come out in the spotlight and turn this hobby into a full-fledged career, "she said Affan Yildirim.

The Bon Appetit cooking contest started in the spring of 2015, and the gastronomy enthusiasts could register until September. After the preselections held at Plaza Romania and Bucharest Mall on October 3 and 4, out of 48 competitors, eight semifinalists per mall remained in the race.

The next stage of the competition took place in both shopping centers on October 10, and two competitors per mall entered the final Bon Appetit. The jury scored the preparations cooked by the competitors in the final, taking into account several factors: the taste and presentation of the preparation, the dexterity and originality of the competitor, but also the respect of the competition theme: health and flavor.