Bona - a parent's help

Bona - a parent's help

The main role of the nanny is to take care of the child when the parents are at work and absent from home. The benefits of hiring a good for the little one are focused not only on the child, but also on the parents, who have the opportunity to return to the professional environment, to take a well-deserved break from the "job" of a parent and to reactivate their social life and couple.

Bona offers expert advice on child care and parenting

The experience of the nanny and the pedagogical courses you have taken to specialize in this profession will be of great use to you in caring for the child. You may find that the advice of the child regarding the raising and education of the child is worth considering and that they are justified.

When you do not know how to treat a child's condition or have a dilemma about how the little one is behaving, it could come with both rigorous clarifications and effective solutions to such problems. Bona can become your trusted advisor in caring and disciplining your child.

Bona contributes to the relaxation and emotional health of parents

If you have managed to find a good girl who deserves your trust and has established a strong connection with your child, make sure you don't let her go too easily. It is quite difficult to find a good mother, on whose hand to leave the most precious treasure of your life: the child.

When your instinct tells you that you have chosen the right fit, all your worries are wasted and you are more relaxed and relaxed. Even if returning to work involves another stress in your life, the fact that you have made the decision to return to the midst of people and to reactivate the job you were doing will bless you and give you a well-being.

However difficult it would be for parents, and especially for the mother, to stay away from the baby, sometimes a few hours away from the baby are like a mouthful of fresh air, which you fully deserve.

Bona can contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of the house

Bona can become a help in the house. In addition to child care, the nanny can extend, for a fee, the services and cleaning of the house, which can save you from another extra care.

It is not advisable for the nanny to be clean at the same time as the child is caring. During the time she takes care of the child, it is important to pay her full attention. It only takes a second of inattention for an unfortunate accident to happen to your child.

Speak with a hello that for cleaning services in the house to stay over schedule or to come half a day at the weekend. Depending on her schedule and yours, you can reach an agreement. This way, you can take advantage of the time you spend cleaning the house to spend quality time with your child or to do a relaxing activity for you - a visit to the spa, a massage, manicure, shopping, etc.

Bona helps to reactivate the social and couple life of parents

Probably, from the moment the child came to the world, your social life has "extinguished" and you have become quite lonely, like many parents. Child care and service will take care of you all day long and you will no longer be able to find time for outings with friends or other social activities.

The specialists have shown that parents who do not have an active social life and do not integrate into their program and relaxation activities, can have serious problems in the couple's relationship. When you have a monotonous program, tensions, quarrels and divergences appear in your relationship and you start to move away.

Bona is one of the solutions you can use to reactivate your social and couples life. With a few extra bucks, you can extend the binge program by an hour or two, several times a week, to go out with your friends and get closer to each other.

Ideal property qualities

The requirements for employment differ: some want a person to look after the child for a certain period, while they are absent from home, others a person to complete the education offered to the children by the family.

For some good families it should combine education with child care.
In all cases there is a common requirement: the person to be serious and trustworthy. Some prefer people from the province, people who could be hosted by the family offering the new job. Are the people in the province worthy of greater trust? What makes parents ask for such a thing? There are also families that offer substantial amounts as salary and prefer high people who know foreign languages.
This new job offers help to the parent in education and care; it is not a substitute for the parent.

The fire test is the establishment of the relationship with the children, the acceptance by them. It is a great relief for parents to be able to call on the services of a specialized person, but at least in the beginning period, they should try to get to know her well, to spend more time together to see better her behavior with the child in reality, not words.
Choosing the right kid is a real problem for some families. For you, what are the most important qualities of a good baby sitter? Help us discover them together!

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