Drinking newborn baby, what you need to know

Drinking newborn baby, what you need to know

The birth of the newborn is one of the caring rituals that give the greatest emotions to the new parents. The newborn is so small, soaked and slippery when in the water, that many parents are afraid not to accidentally injure him during bathing. Discover the main rules that you must take into account in the baby's bath immediately after birth, but also some steps through which this ritual will become a simple routine in his daily care!

Drinking the newborn in the first week of life

In the first week after birth, the newborn should not be introduced into the tub. Until the "fall of the navel" (healing of the umbilical cord), it is advisable to wash the baby easily, only with the sponge soaked in water.

Make sure the temperature in the room is adequate, to avoid the situation in which it may be cold. Lay it on a flat surface - on the changing table or on the bed - and take a hot water jug ​​and a soft sponge beside you. Soak the sponge in water (simple, without shampoo or soap) and gently wipe the baby's skin.

Rules for bathing the newborn in fall

After the newborn's belly falls, after about the first week of life, you can start making them a baby bath. The first bathing in the tub must be quite short. It is advisable to gradually get used to the baby with water, in order to avoid the situation in which she may get scared.

At the first bath, the baby will protest a little, because it is new to him. Do not be scared. If she is crying too loud or shaking, it means she needs more time until the first water experience. Continue to wash it with the sponge and try to make friends with water from time to time to see how it reacts.

Another important rule to keep in mind is that the newborn does not need a daily bath, but only once or twice a week. Between baths, it is recommended to wipe it with the sponge soaked in water only in the armpit area, neck and genital area.

Bathing the newborn in the fall is a complex ritual, for which you must prepare yourself as follows:

  • make sure that the room where you wash it is sufficiently heated (if normally the temperature in the room of a newborn should be 22-23 degrees Celsius, at the bath, it should go up to 25 degrees Celsius, for you would provide adequate thermal comfort after the bath);
  • fill the tub with water, so that the depth does not exceed 5-6 cm;
  • make sure the water temperature is optimal - 37-38 degrees Celsius, although doctors say it can go up to 48-49 degrees, but never after this value;
  • make sure you have everything you need (towels, towels, bathrobe, creams, clothes, care products, etc.);
  • put the baby first with his feet in the water and hold him tightly with one hand of his back, neck and head - he does not suddenly put his whole body, first he starts to gently sprinkle on his belly, hands and shoulders, with his hand you are free;
  • do not leave the child unattended for a moment and do not let it go, even if the water is not deep and cannot pass over it.

How was your newborn's first bath? Share your tips and suggestions in the comment section below!

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