UPC Romania launches TEKI remote control, innovation for children

UPC Romania launches TEKI remote control, innovation for children

The product, a premiere on the Romanian market, revolutionizes the viewing experience of the little ones

UPC celebrates children's month by launching a children's-inspired gadget dedicated to them - Teki remote control. The product, a premiere on the Romanian market, allows children to enjoy fun and educational content, while being a support for parents who want to protect their children from watching programs inappropriate to their age.

With the Teki remote control, children can only watch their favorite cartoon and general culture channels. At the same time, they can also access the games portal offered by UPC. Besides the protection offered to the little ones, the product is a useful gadget for parents - they no longer have to password the channels or hide the remote controls, but can offer the little ones their own remote control - Teki. The remote control is aimed at children between 3 and 12 years old.

"According to studies, children in Romania spend, on average, 20 hours a week in front of the TV or computer. * With this new product, we want to help parents protect the innocence of their children, but not limit the little ones Teki is a product inspired by children, exclusively for them and we are convinced that they will appreciate it. The launch is part of a series of initiatives such as Magic Desktop or the Internet Safe Browsing Guide, through which UPC contributes to shaping a future. safe for children and an environment in which they can develop harmoniously, "says Severina Pascu, CEO of UPC Romania.

The Teki remote control has dedicated buttons for children's channels - Minimax, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Duck TV, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Jim Jam and DaVinci Learning - and a button for the games portal. Teki has 2 main modes of use: Child mode and Adult mode. In Child mode, the user has access only to the predefined channels registered on the remote control buttons. In Adult mode, customers can access any channel on the TV grid, including DVR functionality. Thus, for basic functions, parents can replace the usual remote control with the Teki remote control.

UPC will offer free remote control to all customers with 2 Play or 3 Play packages, new or existing **, who purchase one of the DVR or HD DVR options, available at 13 lei (VAT included) and 26 lei (VAT included). At the same time, the remote control can be purchased independently of the two options above, at a price of 50 lei (VAT included), by all categories of UPC customers.

* according to a study conducted by Education 2000+ and UNICEF.

** exception: the clients of the Absolute and Optim packages.