7 ways you can have sex after birth better

7 ways you can have sex after birth better

There are few women who are concerned about the re-start of their sex lives immediately after birth. In fact, the thoughts of most of the new mothers are directed to postnatal pain and the hormonal oscillations they go through, the fear and depression that can occur with the arrival of a baby in the world.

More than that, exhaustion and fatigue reach the last ones since the first weeks.

Even after you get used to the sleepless nights and have managed to discover the pattern according to which you can rest, simply getting back to the sex life you had before giving birth is not an easy thing. But many parents declare that their intimate lives are as before, if not even better. Does this statement make you think? The truth is that nothing is impossible, you just have to make a little effort and trust the advice of those who have already gone through this.

Do not rush

Even if your partner longs for a night of love and does not shy away from telling you this, it would be ideal not to rush into the bedroom immediately after birth. Most doctors recommend a 6 week rest, but its duration may vary from case to case. It is very important for you to feel good both physically and mentally when you decide to start your sexual life again. Give yourself time for recovery and don't be too harsh with yourself if you do not feel able to satisfy your partner for a while.

Learn to love yourself

Maybe you have a few extra pounds that you're not proud of. Maybe your breasts no longer fit in the bras you were wearing before you became pregnant. Circassians might give you a fork, considering the new sleep program or, rather, the new sleep program. You may happen to look in the mirror and not recognize yourself, but you must think that all these things will return to normal in time.

You must not disregard yourself, but learn to love yourself again. A set of sexy lingerie, your favorite perfume and a soft body lotion will help you feel good again in your skin.

Use lubricant

Your hormonal system is over your head, but fortunately, you have helpful options to make sex more enjoyable. One of these is the lubricant. Use it abundantly and without fear, it will only do you good.

Don't forget the prelude

Do not expect to be able to jump in the arms of your partner immediately after arriving from work and to get on the job. Now you need, more than ever, tenderness and affection. Fast sex parties are not for new moms, so you will have to learn how to build your perfect frame to start your sex life again.

Before you get into this form of intimacy, get used to kissing, hugging, kissing and even oral sex again. After such a prelude, it is impossible not to enjoy sex again.

Rediscover yourself

To feel good, you need to remember what you liked in the bedroom before. Your body belonged to the baby for 9 months and now is the time to take over again. You can do this through masturbation, which will surely help you find yourself and remember what sex was like before the baby came into the world.

Avoid thinking of sex as an obligation

No matter how anxious your partner may be, you must give yourself enough time to return to the intimacy that will characterize the relationship in the past. Think less about how much you want him to be more satisfied with the things that brought you together. Spend your time debugging memories and talking about the wonderful things you have, and the sex will come by itself.

Use contraceptive methods

If you do not want your libido to drop again before reaching normal, opt for protected sex. Choose the contraceptive method that suits you and make sure that you will have a sexual life like before birth, at least for a period.

How did you ignite the passion between you and your husband after birth? What tricks did you use? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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