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Changes in emotional states from pregnancy

Changes in emotional states from pregnancy

Pregnancy can greatly influence your emotional states. Their oscillations are, for many future mothers, as demanding as the physical symptoms.

As a psychic experience, pregnancy can be very tiring. However, pharmaceutical companies and doctors seem to focus more on treating the physical discomfort it causes.

Not only are physical symptoms easier to observe and monitor, but they depend on your health and your child's.

However, there are times when you simply cannot ignore the changes that affect your emotional state. Therefore, you must learn to cope with the huge amount of emotions and states you could go through during the 9 months of pregnancy.

Specific changes and adaptation

Many women are eager to get pregnant and become a mother, but once you get into the situation of procreation, regardless of whether or not the pregnancy has been planned, your feelings may be a little different from what you expected.

Some of the women who were afraid of pregnancy might feel relieved, and those who to a certain extent were very confident about themselves might know the feeling of insecurity.

In fact, your moods and emotions may change from quarter to quarter and each stage may manifest itself through certain specific emotions. During the first semester, you may struggle with the very thought of being pregnant.

The second trimester will be one in which you will try to better understand the notion of becoming a mother, and in the third semester it is very possible that you cannot think of the responsibilities and the joy of being a mother. .

Each of these phases puts you in the situation of having to adapt.

Changing roles

A pregnancy can change the relationships in your family. If it is about the first child, you will move from individualism to belonging to the couple, and this includes the responsibilities you have towards your partner, even before the ones you will have towards your child appear.

The changes also take place in the case of women who are already mothers, because responsibility increases with each child.

Bringing a new family member to the world can be very stressful, even when it happens in the happiest of circumstances.

Therefore, the task is sometimes called "Development crisis". Although having a child is a part of normal and wonderful life, it can be overwhelming at times, and your feelings can change from day to day not only because of the responsibility you have to take on, but also because of the changes. hormones that happen in your body.

What do you feel when you are pregnant?

The most common states that pregnant women go through range from positive to negative emotions. Happiness, delight, impatience, depression, insecurity, fear, irascibility, calm, dependence on other family members, the pride of performing a miracle, the love of your child just before it is born, the pleasure or displeasure of seeing your body transforming, the sadness about the loss of independence, the anxiety for every aspect that must be developed before coming in the child's world, the exaggerated sensitivity and the dream with the eyes open can be combined in a mix that will give you the value system over your head.

How do you control your emotions?

Although all these things you feel are absolutely normal, you might want to at some point reduce the intensity and learn how to hold them in their grip. To achieve this, you must first make sure that you are physically healthy.

Proper nutrition, movement and rest can work wonders, because when they are incomplete or incorrect, your negative moods can worsen.

Secondly, it is very important to inform yourself during this period; books about pregnancy and parenting and prenatal courses will help you feel in control and so you will be able to maintain your emotional balance.

Don't even talk to your loved ones about their emotions, their support could help you a lot.

Also, try not to load your schedule with service activities, because they may overwhelm you sooner or later.

Did you experience emotions during pregnancy? How did you go through all the transformations in pregnancy? We look forward to your comments in the section below!

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