TLC airs season 2 of US Masterchef, starting June 20

TLC airs season 2 of US Masterchef, starting June 20

Get ready for the hottest culinary competition!

From June 20, every Wednesday, from 23.00

Culinary arts superstar Gordon Ramsay brings back TLC viewers from Romania, with the second season of US Masterchef, which will premiere on Wednesday, June 20, from 23.00.

Following nationwide searches, 100 of America's best amateur chefs - including a police officer, an oil engineer, a home decor specialist, a forklift operator, a professional poker player, a classical pianist and a owner of a tattoo parlor - arrive by plane to Los Angeles, hoping to become the future "Masterchef" and return home with the big prize, which will change their life. The jury is looking for great presentations, aromas, originality and creativity, but the most important thing for the competitors who want to have the least chance is to be truly inspired by an immense passion for the culinary art.

In each episode, the contestants have only one hour to prepare their most representative dish, hoping that they will win a multifaceted Master Chef kitchen and enter the culinary competition of their lives. Some will be sent back home, but others will enter the next round of the contest. The winner will receive $ 250,000, his own contract for publishing a cookbook and the title of American Master Chef.

For the American version, the producers have formed a jury team of Gordon Ramsay, one of the world's most famous culinary masters, with two of the most respected US restaurant industry chefs, Chef Graham Elliot Bowles and restaurant owner Joe Bastianich.

Meet the jury

Bowles is a true talent, who became the youngest 4-star chef in America, at just 27 years old. He is a pioneer in the molecular gastronomy movement, a trend that combines cooking with chemistry. His innovative restaurant combines top American recipes to create Chicago's first "bistronomic" restaurant. He has received numerous awards, such as the multi-award winning James Beard Award and has been recognized as a participant and candidate in Top Chef: Masters (Bravo) and Iron Chef America (Food Network).

If his name Joe Bastianich it will sound familiar and natural. His mother is a star of culinary art - cheflebrity Lidia Bastianich. Joe is a friend and business partner with the most successful Italian chef in America, Mario Batali. But Bastianich's life is not just about excellent restaurants. He is also a well-known wine producer, described as a "street philosopher". Renowned names such as Food & Wine and James Beard Foundation have recognized him as an expert in the wine production and restaurant industry. His book on wine combinations, Vino Itialiano, is considered a true standard in the field.

Few people in the Western world don't know who he is Gordon Ramsay. Although his reputation in the United States was mainly based on his explosive temperament and colorful language, in Europe Gordon is considered one of the best culinary masters in the world, one of the most talented and passionate people in the culinary industry. Gordon owns restaurants all over the world, from Italy to Los Angeles, some of them with 3 Michelin stars.