Good Lord, yes. Religion time, well ...

Good Lord, yes. Religion time, well ...

I don't remember how many months I had when I started to say prayers in the evening before bed. nor when I had the first discussion about God. Early anyway. I drew him so, as a friend, to talk to, whenever he wants, to thank him for everything and to ask him to help, when he needs it.

Of course I also went through the phase with "I asked him to receive that toy and he didn't listen to me. God-God is a fool." and through the one with "If God-God is so good, why are there children starving?" and yet, somehow, they made peace.

The child began to enter churches too, voluntarily and unaware of anyone. And the declaration of supreme love between us remained even now "I love you until God-God and I-now." Which, I say, is fine.

Well, I thought, it was also the decision to enroll him at the time of religion. Personally, I would have been more excited about a Religion History course. Because the school deals with the definition of the general culture, not of beliefs. But either way, I told myself, at least you know who Noah is. So I sent it.

And here's how my baby comes to school one day crying. In a snort. And look how desperate my mother is trying to find out what happened. And look how she found out that the prophet of religion felt the need to explain to her son how it is with the soul.

- And what did he say to you, love?

- He told us that animals have no soul. And that Lightning (our dog, who had just died) did not reach Heaven. And for nothing, I go to his grave in the morning to talk to him. And for nothing I wrote that poem, he doesn't hear me. He's dead and ready. Only people reach Heaven. And you lied to me, Mom. And that's why you see that you get to Hell.

In the torments of Hell, I hated my idiot to burn, as my cheeks, shame, anger and helplessness burned. I told my son that the lady was not well documented this time. and that is right, opinions are divided, religion is not mathematical but I am absolutely sure that, again, this time, the prophet is wrong. Which, in short, is human.

A few weeks later and many more explanations followed the second round. Decisive, by the way.

- Mamaaaaa ... Let's say the prayer again. Is better.

- Why again, love?

- Well I forgot last night. And I'm scared.

- What are you afraid of?

- Do not be angry Lord-God and kill us.

- How to kill us?

- That's what the lady of religion says. Like if we upset him we're going to be punished. And that all bad things will happen to us if we don't listen to Him.

The child did not go to the lady's hours. Neither does she. He left school. But it has arrived elsewhere. And there are students. I'm not saying that all Religion endowments are the same. There will also be people with grace.

But one by one, I followed the principle of "better prevention than healing". Especially when it comes to a child's soul.

Religion is learned in the family. Faith is cultivated in hearts. He has nothing to do in school. At least until we have people ready to form souls and souls, not just in dry dogmas. In my opinion.

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