Leurda improves memory

Leurda improves memory

Zonal, this plant has several names, from the onions of witches to the garlic of the forest, aci or pars of June.

Wild garlic it has the specific smell of garlic, hence the frequent name of (garlic) of forest, wild or sage. Its leaves, of a very beautiful green, have a shape similar to the leaves of stems. When it blooms it has a white flower. The leaves emerge from a long bulb. It is very important to know the appearance of the lard so as not to confuse it with the autumn brandy. The guaranteed difference between the two plants is the smell. Careful! When you harvest this plant, if it does not smell of garlic, give up! Otherwise it can be toxic!

Leurda: properties

Leurda appears early in the spring, immediately after the snow melts. It grows preferably in the light of the forests of deciduous or fir, in areas rich in humus and especially wet. The leaves can reach heights up to 30-40 cm. The main property of the rod is to cleanse the body. From the stomach and intestines, to the liver and gall bladder, to the blood vessels, to our blood in general, lard is the "detergent" of the human body. It is unfortunate that we do not take advantage of the virtues of this plant every spring, following a cure of 4-6 weeks.

Due to its purifying effect, the plant is very useful in combating atherosclerosis, in treating high blood pressure and in treating most skin diseases. The intestinal worms, especially the limb worms in children, die shortly after the children are given the freshly chopped parsley and sprinkled on slices of butter. Also, freshly picked and minced parsley can also be sprinkled on potato food, in soups or in salad form.

Despite the fact that the plant is practically available to everyone, it is not used enough. In addition to the vermifuge properties, the larynx prevents stomach upset, bloating, colic, constipation or abdominal discomfort.

People suffering from high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, feeling of tightness in the neck or nervous agitation is good to consume lard throughout the year: spring in a raw state and during the year as a substance.

In cases of influenza or bronchitis, the larynx helps to eliminate secretion, making breathing easier. There is even evidence that it cures miracles and cries. And in the case of eczema accompanied by itching, a cure with freshly picked lard works wonders. Eczema can disappear within a month.

The most extraordinary quality of the cheat is, however, that it manages to positively influence the memory capacity. A treatment with fresh lime essence, 15 drops taken three times a day in herbal tea has a beneficial effect on memory even in cases of severe loss.

How to use it

In the raw state, the freshly picked leaves are washed, chopped and sprinkled on and in food like green parsley.

Tincture: freshly picked leaves are chopped, inserted into glass and poured refined alcohol of 38-40 degrees, until the level of the plants is covered. It is put in the sunny place for two weeks. Then it is strained and kept in smaller, dark colored bottles. Take daily, four times 15 drops in water or herbal tea.

Wine: put two handfuls of parsley (leaves cut down) in a liter of white wine and bring to a boil. After boiling add honey. drink a glass before the meal. It is recommended for patients with heart and rheumatism

Source: Today