Gerlinea green chocolate and coffee: your new innocent pleasures

Gerlinea green chocolate and coffee: your new innocent pleasures

Gerlinea - your weight control specialist - continues to delight you with its latest products, which complement the diverse range of products, tastes and types of packages, which Gerlinea has been offering for 20 years in the service of your balanced and healthy diet.

Choose this spring diet and the right Gerlinea diet for you.

Choose to have a delicious portion of health and absolute weight control daily through the right products:

From the Gerlinea table substitutes (the new shake with chocolate and the new 3-table bars, with delicious chocolate, cereals and apricots), to the revolutionary coffee for lean, "Coffee Break", with green and guarana coffee and natural concentrates from plants, ideal for fat burning and detoxification.

Remember that Gerline products are high in protein and have 12 vitamins and 11 minerals, their healthy composition being regulated by European laws adopted by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), which, after numerous clinical studies and scientific data, has confirmed. the efficiency of using protein-rich meal substitutes in weight loss belts.

Gerlinea, the European expert in managing your body weight, helps you lose weight or maintain your ideal weight through a balanced, healthy and intelligent lifestyle. So what's left for us to wish you this spring? A healthy eating style and an enviable silhouette!

Control your weight with the new healthy substitutes for the table from Gerlinea:

Chocolate Gerlinea sticks, with cereals and apricots, Table replacements for weight control, consisting of 3 tables.

As part of a low calorie diet, daily replacement of a meal with the Diet Replacement Gerlinéa Meals allows you to effectively manage your weight, daily, whether you want to maintain your weight, lose weight or compensate for an excess of food.

Discover the new format for 3 meals, low in calories, high in protein, with 12 vitamins and 11 minerals and an optimal amount of carbohydrates and lipids - for vitality and balance in the diet. Containing, practically, 3.5 times more protein and 2 times more fiber than the usual weight bars, 2 Gerlinea bars represent the caloric and nutritional equivalent of a meal, with only 241 kcal. Smart, right ?!

Low-fat chocolate shaker, 150g + shaker, 45 lei

For days when you are on the run and have an extremely busy schedule, choose a low-calorie meal replacement, easy to drink anywhere and anytime.

Intended for losing extra kilos, replacing a meal or compensating for a culinary excess, the new milk-shake chocolate-flavored, sugar-sweetened Gerlinea is a delicious and healthy snack. And, last but not least, easy to prepare, thanks to the shaker included in the package.

Rich in protein, essential for maintaining muscle mass, with 10 vitamins and 9 minerals, the low calorie shake with chocolate Gerlinea is a tasty, intelligent and accessible meal replacement. It is prepared with skim milk. and, if you feel the need for variation, you can consume it either cold or heated.

Choose Natural Gerlinea Solutions for Healthy Weight Loss:

Gerlinea green coffee and guarana supplement, 31 g, 35.90 lei.

Try the new supplement Coffee Green Guarana Gerlinea "Coffee Break" (Pause Cafe). It is your ideal partner for a healthy daily breakfast and during the breaks you spend, replacing the traditional, regular coffee with a revolutionary product.

The product contains green and guarana coffee, traditionally used for fat burning in weight management diets.

Three envelopes from the soluble Gerlinea Coffee Green supplement - Guarana Coffee break contain the equivalent in 1000 mg of dried herbs of guarana and 1000 mg of green coffee.

depending on taste and time of day, you can prepare this delicious drink soluble with water or hot skim milk. Yummy!

Gerlinea plant concentrates:

Whether you intend to melt fat deposits, detoxify or get rid of extra kilos, your weight management expert will meet you with 3 plant-based dietary supplements.

Choose natural and extremely efficient weight loss solutions: Gerlinea Burning Fat, 500ml, detoxification: Detergent Gerlinea 7 days, 300ml, as well as to eliminate excess water from the body and weight loss in cm in the affected areas: Aqua Drainer Express, 500ml.

Gerlinea tips for a healthy lifestyle

Adopt a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Drink enough unsweetened liquids (water, tea) every day. And a regular physical activity, recommended for at least 30 minutes a day, is beneficial for a good mental and physical tone.

Weight loss is achieved in a low-calorie diet, with a high protein content (for maintaining muscle mass) and a mix of vitamins and minerals (for nutritional balance and vitality even in diet). The proposed diet is not recommended to be followed for more than 3 weeks without the doctor's opinion.

A low calorie diet should not be performed without medical advice and supervision by pregnant or breastfeeding women, children, adolescents or the elderly. Alternating periods of significant weight loss and weight loss is detrimental to health.

The waistband helps you to control your weight in a simple, flexible, healthy way, every day. Find out all the news and surprises that Gerlinea has prepared for you, online, on and onéaRomania.

But watch them on TV, in the new spot that promotes the active and healthy lifestyle Gerlinea.

Your favorite Gerlinea products are available in all hypermarket chains in Bucharest and in the country, in the districts of BIO-dietetic products.