Why are mosquitoes pinching us? 7 reasons you would have never thought of

Why are mosquitoes pinching us? 7 reasons you would have never thought of

Experts are trying to break the code according to which mosquitoes love more people to the detriment of others. And here's what they discovered:

1. Maybe you didn't know that mosquito females are the ones guilty of annoying pricks. They need human blood, which contains a protein that helps in the development of their eggs. Instead, their partners are harmless, feeding on the nectar of flowers.

2. You have the group of blood 0? Then you can function as an antitank device for those around you, because your blood is tastier than other groups.

3. You like beer? And to the mosquitoes, more correctly, the smell that the human skin emanates after consuming a glass of harmless beer.

4. Feet with unpleasant smell? Funny, right? The mosquitoes find their toes extremely appetizing. However, all the arms seem tastier.

5. Carbon dioxide emissions I attract mosquitoes that have honeycombs. Did you know that:

a. when go to the gym or run or ride your bike, due to the effort made CO2 emissions from breathing are higher than normal, what makes you a safe and appetizing target for mosquitoes?

b. you are pregnant? If so, then you also emit more CO2, and the temperature in the abdomen is higher than normal, which is a new attraction for mosquitoes.

c. you bought yourself a smart device who emits CO2 and put it in the yard to catch mosquitoes? You did nothing but bring more mosquitoes around you.

6. You like that your garden looks like a tropical forest? Then remember that tall grass, thick bushes, darkness and humidity are an environment conducive to the proliferation and development of mosquitoes.

7. Did you know that mosquito bites are much more dangerous in late summer? The logic is simple: females pinch the birds that have the West Nile virus, then pinch the males and thus spread it. By the end of the summer, the chances of tickling more infected birds are growing alarmingly.

So, don't forget: existence mosquito repellents which helps you to get rid of these discomforts and, very important to remember, they do not contain parabens, they have natural ingredients and are recommended for both babies and pregnant women.

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