Co-sleeping - what it means and what its benefits are

Co-sleeping - what it means and what its benefits are

Co-sleeping - what it means and what its benefits are

Due to the easy access to information and the high level of education of the future parents of today, the specialists in the field answer more and more questions like: Is it good to sleep in the same room or bed with my baby? When he grows up will he not refuse to sleep alone in his room, being accustomed to staying with mommy or dad? How can I better watch my baby, but rest at the same time? and the list of questions can continue.

Any pediatrician will tell you that it is your choice as a parent, but there are specialists who have allocated important resources regarding the idea of ​​co-sleeping.

So what it is co-sleeping? It really means sleeping with your babies, but not necessarily in the same bed. Studies in the field have revealed a number of benefits from both sides, both for the child and for the mother, which you must not ignore.

Here are the most important ones:

  • Helps baby adjust his sleep schedule;
  • Facilitates breastfeeding and lactation growth;
  • The mother can sleep peacefully, knowing her baby is close and can rest when she is asleep;
  • The child feels safe;
  • Strengthens the child-parent relationship, helping him to grow more confident and more sociable;
  • Sleeping in the same room, but not in the same bed, reduces the risk of developing SIDS (sudden infant death);
  • The carbon dioxide (CO2) eliminated by the mother stimulates the baby's breathing (it may seem hilar, but it is true and there are studies in the field that attest to this fact).

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Let's not forget: "happiness is a journey that begins in childhood"

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