Pampering and BIO care for skin and hair

Pampering and BIO care for skin and hair

Spring is and always has been the season of freshness and new beginnings, of cheerfulness and optimism, of the joy of being welcomed every morning by the soft rays of the sun.

Inspired by nature to renew itself, Life Care® launches the first edition of 2016 of the catalog of products and offers, with new solutions for a happier and healthier life.

When a woman is confident in her beauty and her qualities, she feels happier, and this inner calm radiates in everything she does. In such moments, a strong and shiny hair, along with a hydrated and healthy skin are additional attributes that make us shine in front of others and gain the confidence and power to move mountains. That's why Life Care® enriches its Kräuter® range with new skin care and hair care products.

During this period, amidst changes in the weather, it is often the case that the hair becomes thicker than usual, to lose its shine or become weak and thus discover that more hairs remain in the brush after brush.

Therefore, special care is required, provided by Kräuter® BIO Rosemary Fortifying Shampoo. It harnesses the therapeutic properties of rosemary, one of the most delicious ingredients in nature. The rosemary triggers the process of regeneration of the hair, while stimulating the blood circulation in the scalp and thus contributing to the strengthening of the roots and to the vitalization of the hair.

Therefore, the shampoo can reverse the process of excess hair loss. In addition, the essential oil and the organic extract of rosemary regulate the production of sebum at the scalp level, thus preventing rapid fattening and contributing to the reduction of the mold. and, equally important, the shampoo leaves a pleasant aroma on the hair and gives it the radiance that every woman wants.

The novelty of Life Care® for healthy and beautiful skin is Kräuter® mineral salt cream, a product that contains 30% mineral salts from the Atlantic Ocean. Here, the water is clean, unclean and consists of 96 active elements with remineralization effect of dry skin.

In addition, the cream is enriched with natural extracts of aloe vera, shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil and vitamins that provide the skin with the optimal level of hydration. The product also contributes to the strengthening of the skin's natural barrier, protecting it from such harmful external factors, from strong wind at extreme temperatures or exposure to chemicals in the environment.

Choose to take care of your skin and hair with healthy solutions, with bio ingredients, from Life Care® and let yourself be carried away by the magic of spring!