Green walnut liqueur

Green walnut liqueur

If you want to impress your guests, it is good to have a few bottles of liquor prepared by you at home. Here is the recipe for green walnut liqueur.

Preparation time

30 minutes + 3 weeks (maceration)




20 large nuts

1 l alcohol

2-3 buckets

1 vanilla stick

1 stick to cinnamon

500 g old

1 l of water

Method of preparation

Clean the nuts, cut them into quarters and put them in a bottle. Cover the nuts with alcohol and leave them in the sun, about 3 weeks.

Strain the obtained extract, then add over it the rest of the ingredients (vanilla, cinnamon, cloves). Pour over this liquid and sugar dissolved previously in water.

Put the liqueur in dark colored bottles and keep it in an airy and cool room.


You can enrich the taste of this liqueur with a little orange peel.

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