Daily care for firmness and body reshaping

Daily care for firmness and body reshaping

Make your day care cream an ally of hope against cellulite!

A harmonious body, with smooth and firm skin is the ideal of any woman, but a conscientious care ritual, with specialized and natural products, is the key to a beautiful and healthy appearance.

Efficient, natural and with perfect aromas, range ROSE PEPPER APIVITA combines daily body care with holistic anti-cellulite treatment, providing firmness and body reshaping throughout the year.

The products have strong moisturizing properties and a revitalizing aroma of rose and pepper, which relaxes the senses and gives a well-being, leaving the skin with a toned and velvety appearance.

Due to the high content of natural ingredients, up to 100%, the Rose Pepper range can be used daily, perfectly combining body care with anti-cellulite treatment.

What does the ROSE PEPPER range contain?

Intensive serum for firmness and body reshaping 150 ml: with red pepper extract, rose, black pepper and 12 other precious essential oils, it works in the depth of the skin and eliminates the localized fat, naturally. With immediate absorption, it improves elasticity, firmness and revitalizes the appearance of the skin. Price: 125.99 lei

Cream for firmness and body reshaping 150 ml: with pink pepper extract and 97% natural ingredients, it gives firmness and maintains the elasticity of the skin, by combating the fat located on the hips, thighs and waist. The skin remains hydrated and revitalized, and the essential oils of rose, juniper and black pepper invigorate the senses and give a well-being. Price: 125.99 lei

Massage oil for body remodeling 150 ml: With 100% natural ingredients, pink pepper extract and an active combination of 15 essential oils, Rose Pepper body oil stimulates microcirculation, detoxifies and eliminates water retention (improving skin's appearance and texture), regenerates epidermal cells, moisturizes and smoothes . Price: 110.99 lei

Shower gel with essential oils 300 ml: With 84% natural ingredients, it gently cleanses and maintains the natural hydration of the skin, offers antioxidant protection and efficient antiseptic action. Enriched with essential oils of rose, black pepper and juniper, relaxes the senses and gives a well-being. Price: 53.99 lei

ROSE PEPPER range does NOT contain parabens, silicone, mineral oil, propylene glycol, ethanolamine, phthalates.