Olive salad

Olive salad

Olive salad is served spread on slices of fresh wand, along with other cold snacks or snacks.


Preparation time

25 minutes




200 g of olives

100 g of bread

100 ml of oil

lemon juice

1 small onion

green salad leaves

Method of preparation

Remove the olives from the olives, then pass them through the chopping machine or mix them with the blender.

Add the breadcrumbs soaked in water and squeeze and continue mixing. Pour the oil into thin wire, like mayonnaise, then match the salad to taste, adding the juice from a lemon. If necessary, add a little salt.

After the salad is ready, you can add the chopped onion.

Place the salad on a platter on which you put green salad leaves.

Serve this olive salad with fresh bread.

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