The School of Couple Life - the program that helps you to create or re-create the couple's relationship

The School of Couple Life - the program that helps you to create or re-create the couple's relationship

"The School Life of Couples" is a unique concept that has emerged in the market for personal development programs for couples, which is addressed to both women and men, as partners with equal feelings and needs in a couple. The program is created from the trainer's own life story - Oltea and Andrei Tudose, who are themselves in a relationship of 15 years.

The program "The School for Young People's Life" started last year in November. This year it will have 10 editions and will take place in several cities in the country, and will gather over 1500 participants. The first cities that will benefit from this program are: Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu and Constanta, and the rest will be established according to demand and announced later.

To date, 500 people from all over the country have benefited from the first part of this program.

The duration of the program is 4 weeks and includes: launch event, group sessions, individual sessions and guidance sessions throughout.

Its objective is to re-define the couple's relationship and the expectations that a person has from it, starting from the analysis of his own self, the self-report and his own capacity for involvement in this relationship. In order to participate, the people who want to have to go through a short selection process. The launch event is free, and after that, the program will be completed with time and financial investment from the registered persons.

Oltea Tudose, founder and mentor of the School Life program for couples: "The program is aimed at women, whether they are currently in a relationship or are just looking for a life partner. Although it may seem simple to develop a couple relationship , especially if we have strong feelings for the partner, the reality has shown to all of us that, in fact, everything becomes very complicated. We mistakenly believe that the partner owes us something and thus we have expectations from him, instead of returning to us and to research ourselves and our capacity for giving. What we do with this program is a shift of perspective, so that couples can more easily find harmony and passion in the relationship. "

Andrei Tudose, founder and mentor of the School Life program for couples: “We ourselves went through a moment when we realized after 5 years of relationship that we no longer love each other. The easiest thing in such a situation is to give up the relationship, so do most. We have overcome this moment, seeing things from a different perspective and assuming that we are each equal partner in the relationship, with our own responsibility. Our experience will be added to Theta Healing's professional toolset, coaching and other self-development tools, which we bring with us in the program. The component that is addressed to men has been highly appreciated so far and has had visible results, after the feedback of their partners. "

Oltea Tudose has led individual and group programs for 2,000 women over the last 5 years and has experience in personal development for over 10 years. Andrei Tudose is a life coach and the founder of the Delivering Life Association, through which he brought personal development on the street, to public events, with the support of renowned brands. In the program, it describes the male perspective on the couple relationship and leads the component addressed to men.