Say YES to children's autonomy with Danonino!

Say YES to children's autonomy with Danonino!

"Mommy, can I dress alone today?", "Mommy, can I cook with you?". Sometimes it's not easy to say YES to your child. Danonino encourages all parents to say YES to children's autonomy, self-confidence, courage and healthy growth, by launching the communication platform "SAY YES".

On the website and on the Danonino Romania Facebook page any parent can learn how to raise an independent child, receive advice from specialists and win weekly prizes.

The opinion of parents in Romania regarding the education of children to become self-employed

Autonomy means to urge the child to discover, to explore new things within safe limits, to make small choices alone.

5 out of 10 parents from Romania associate "children's autonomy" with the idea of ​​control when they are suggested terms by which they can define this concept, according to a national study by Cult Market Research at Danone's request, in April 2016.

Regarding the development of autonomy through play, only 1 in 10 parents let their children discover, step by step, the solution in a fun activity. A little over half of parents support any initiative of their child, while ~ 8 out of 10 state that it encourages the autonomy of their children by giving them the choice in a context controlled by them: it lets them decide when they think it is possible , lets them make mistakes in a risk-controlled environment, teaches them to form routines (such as washing hands before meals).

"In order to raise an autonomous child he needs from the parent three important ingredients: unconditional love, respect for his developmental stages (which also implies the creation of a conducive learning environment) and much encouragement in his efforts to understand and understand explore the world. " declare Otilia Mantelers, Expert in Parenting.

The study also shows that:

- One third of Romanian parents do not know what to associate the term of autonomy in the education of children.

- 8 out of 10 parents equate the concept of autonomy with the child's self-confidence, 7 out of 10 declare that autonomy means protection and 6 out of 10 associate it with the idea of ​​freedom.

- 7 out of 10 parents declare that they have an autonomous child if he / she asks to do different things alone, initiates and proposes play activities and does the activities related to personal hygiene alone.

- Moms in Romania are more permissive than their dads, leaving more decisions when choosing children: what or with whom to play, what kind of activities they do together, the snacks they eat.

- 4 out of 10 parents let the children decide what snacks to eat

Autonomy and healthy eating

Autonomous children are the key to a better world because they show creativity, trust, courage, optimism. In order to properly develop all these qualities, it is important for the little ones to be healthy and have a balanced diet that will provide them with energy for the whole day.

7 out of 10 parents offer their children dairy products daily because he believes that they help the development of the bone system. One third of parents believe that milk-based foods are healthy and nutritious, and another third offer small children this type of product because they are tasty and easily accepted by children, according to the study. "Children's autonomy".

The same study showed that the snacks between favorite meals of ~ 9 out of 10 parents in Romania are fruits and vegetables, followed by dairy products (~ 4 out of 10 parents).

"Saying yes to the children is like praying: you feel good, you are heard and the good deeds will be rewarded. Because we feel good to say yes and especially to be given to us. say YES when we need support or protection The autonomy of the child should exist even in relation to the food The child should, like any adult, be able to eat what, when, where, how and how much he wants, not the mother. For example, when it comes to snacks, I recommend giving them a few options from which to choose what they like. " declare Crina Coliban, Specialist in mild-mannered children.

The balanced diet from which healthy and satisfying snacks cannot be missed helps children to develop both physically, intellectually and emotionally. 6 out of 10 parents in Romania offer children yogurt or Danonino cheese, and over a third give these products to children more than 3 times a week. Most parents in Romania (about 50%) know that yogurts and cheese from Danonino contain calcium and vitamin D which helps to develop bones and are more nutritionally balanced than cakes or pastries.

The national study "Children's autonomy" was carried out by Cult Market Research, at the request of Danone, on April 1-14, 2016, on a representative sample of 413 urban parents (half mothers and half fathers), with children between the ages. 3 and 7 years, parents answering the computer-assisted telephone questionnaire (CATI).