Cereals for an ideal silhouette

Cereals for an ideal silhouette

Women who prefer breakfast cereals manage to have a normal weight, shows three large studies conducted in the United States.
Most nutritionists believe that a healthy and balanced breakfast should also include cereals.
Dr. Won Song from the University of Michigan studied the impact of eating breakfast cereals on body weight control. According to the American researcher, women are the biggest cereal lovers in the morning. But not every woman, but non-smokers and those who systematically practice a sport. She also found that the average age of these women is higher than those skipping breakfast.

The conclusion of Dr. Won Song's study suggests that women who eat cereal in the morning have a 30% lower risk of getting fat compared to those who eat nothing.

The explanation is simple: cereal-loving people consume more fiber and less fat throughout the day.
"Therefore, for an enviable figure, the best solution is cereals," says the specialist. On the other hand, no impact on the consumption of breakfast cereals was observed in men. Men have the same weight whether they eat cereal in the morning or not.
The second study, conducted by Professor Walter Willett at Harvard University in Boston, showed that women who eat whole grains have a twice as low risk of becoming overweight than those who don't prefer this kind of breakfast.

Another study, published last month, analyzed the findings of some research on the impact of breakfast on the figure. The American researchers' conclusion: "We recommend a healthy and varied breakfast, rich in fiber and composed of whole grains, milk and fresh fruits."
It should be noted that whole grains have a lower glycemic index compared to ordinary cereals obtained from flour, which lose a lot of fiber and minerals through the milling process.
The glycemic index measures the ability of a food to cause an increase in blood sugar after ingestion. For example, a white flour wand has a glycemic index of 95, while a whole rye bread has a glycemic index of 60.
The cereal leaves are good when in their natural state, with no food additives, no dyes, preservatives, chocolate or added sugar. "The cereal leaves with milk consumed at breakfast are healthy if they are whole, but they should not be mixed with dried fruits (raisins, bananas), because the fruits come with sugars and even traces of preservatives.

Cereals can be consumed with yogurt, probiotic products from fermented milk. But pay attention to any excess, because, it is known, cereals have a certain calorie content ", explains prof. Dr. Gheorghe Mencinicopschi, director of the Institute of Food Research.
Source: National Journal

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