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How to protect the little one from the challenges of spring

How to protect the little one from the challenges of spring

Nestle NESQUIK shows you the super powers of iron

Sometimes even the most caring and caring mom may need help when it comes to raising her baby. When your child is affected by weather changes and immunity to disease is low, iron is the hero that helps protect him.

Using its super powers, iron fights with your little one against the challenges brought by spring: temperature changes and the consequences of a lack of varied nutrition in winter. How do you do this? Well, iron is an essential nutrient for the development of a strong immune system, says a specialized study, quoted by Nestlé NESQUIK.

How does iron use its super powers?

"In childhood, the functional capacity of the immune system has not reached maturity, so any encounter with different infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, etc.) will produce episodes of recurrent diseases, of which respiratory diseases are by far the most common. the disease is more common in autumn and winter, when the incidence of infectious agents is higher and the intake of nutrients is reduced. In this context, nutrition plays an essential role in immune modulation and, in implication, in the well-being of children. Nutritional deficiencies of essential vitamins (Vit. A, D, folic acid, etc.) and minerals (iron, zinc, selenium, copper) weaken the immune system and increase the rate of infectious diseases. Iron helps the child's body to defend itself effectively against these aggressions and to develop harmoniously. However, the iron deficiency favors the appearance of a symptomatology characterized by pallor, fatigue, capricious appetite, irritability and frequent infections. a, during the growing period, the child will receive an adequate iron intake, which will allow him to defend effectively and to develop harmoniously ", declares Prof. Dr. Doina Anca Plesca, primary pediatrician, vice president of the Romanian Pediatric Society

What foods help the little one fight infections?

In order for the baby to be able to overcome the challenges of spring, it is important that the daily menu contains iron.

"Balanced nutrition is essential for strengthening the immune system of the little ones, the body assimilating the nutrients needed to function within normal parameters. Part of a balanced nutrition is iron. This nutrient is like a superhero for the health of the little one, because it helps him then when it is most needed: during temperature changes Food rich in iron such as poultry liver, red meat, fatty fish, eggs and lentils can help strengthen the immune system. Besides these foods, iron is also found in NESQUIK Opti- Start, the only cocoa in Romania with added iron ", says Nicoleta Tupita, nutrition specialist, Nestlé Romania.

How can we convince the little one to consume foods high in iron?

"It is known that iron-rich foods are not always in children's taste, so parents have an essential role to play, which can make food as attractive to little ones. The parent can become an example for the child, taking turns It is also important for the baby to interact with the food before consuming it, so his parents can let him choose the iron-rich foods he wants, wash them and cook with his parent. " , states Sorina Petrica, psychologist.

An iron-loving food for children, due to the delicious taste of chocolate loved by the little one, is the new NESQUIK Opti-Start formula, which has a unique content of vitamins and minerals: IRON for energy and concentration power, zinc for the proper functioning of the immune system and vitamin D for proper absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the latter being naturally contained in milk.