Danut's story. Become a UNICEF Friend too!

Danut's story. Become a UNICEF Friend too!

Marian is the father of an 11-month-old baby, whom he cares for very dearly after the child's mother said he wants to leave the state.

The house in which Danut and his father live are nestled on the hill, near a river. It has two rooms and a large attic where the father chose to play both roles: both mother and father.

With the help of the social worker and social investigations that have proven that he can take care of the child, the father managed to keep Danut at home. Among the child's parents there were discussions after the divorce.

Danut is good and cheerful. He is receiving diversified food now with no possibility of being breastfed.

The father works harder by the day. During this time, Danut is cared for either by his sister who has three children at his or her grandparents.

Regardless of the weight, the family wants to raise Danut and they don't even think about leaving him.

UNICEF works in 64 communities. The results showed us that there are 12,000 children in difficulty, often "invisible" to the system: without access to the doctor, without going to school, subjected to violence, without identity papers, children with children, children left alone at home and especially children in danger of being left by the family and left in the care of the state. The place of children is in the family, but 1 in 10 children is in danger of being left. It is a painful figure and that reflects only part of the Romanian realities.

Become a UNICEF Friend now and help Danut and other children stay in the family. The love of parents is irreplaceable.

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