Summer camp where any child would like to go with their best friend!

Summer camp where any child would like to go with their best friend!

Want to give your child a summer like he never had before? The same thing is proposed by NERF Camp - the first summer summer camp for children organized by NERF in the world. And not anywhere, but in Romania!

Fun on the move. Comrades on the move

In NERF Camp, the movement is more fun than ever. Because the activities include celebrities NERF blasters from Hasbro and because everything goes along with others children of near age: stafeta, conquering the flag, target shooting, spy games, basketball, dancing and many other activities to please the little ones.

The program was designed by specialists - psychologists, entertainers and sports coaches - to develop the physical condition, precision, coordination, team spirit and communication skills of the little ones, in an extremely fun form for them.

Games and toys in the national premiere

Moreover, in the NERF Camp the little comrades will have the chance to discover and test Hasbro toys and games for the first time before they reach the shelves of the stores. After the day program, they will have themed evenings of play and relaxation along with their favorite games and heroes: Monopoly, Jenga, Pie Face, Transformers, Star Wars, Marvel and more.

When and where will the NERF Camp be?

The camp will take place during the period July 21-26, 2016 and is intended for children between the ages 8 and 12 years. The comrades will have a great time in the fresh air, in a specially arranged space for them 23 km from Brasov, in Bran area.

How do you send your child to NERF Camp?

You can win by drawing lots two places in the NERF Camp: one for your child and one for his best friend. All you have to do is enter www.tabaranerf.ro, enter the codes on the NERF products participating in the campaign and accumulate at least 200 points. Moreover, each code entered can bring you one of those 500 instant prizes and it increases your chances of winning a double place in the NERF Camp!

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