Seminar "Conscious Raising of Children and Relationships Completed"

Seminar "Conscious Raising of Children and Relationships Completed"

Seminar "Conscious Growth of Children and Relationships" 4 and 5 August 2012, between 10:00 - 17:00 - Seeds for Happiness Center in Bucharest

• What does it mean to be a conscious adult ... or a conscious parent?

• How can we build and strengthen the bonds of love and trust with our children and with others who are present in our lives?

• Does honesty in communication really work? ... with our children, family members, friends and ourselves?

• What is the role of play, expression of emotions and energy management in the development of healthy children and healthy adults?

• How do we create reasonable boundaries and a space where love is the real basis from which we relate to others?

• How can we provide space, safety and sanctuary to our children and members of our family, so that everyone can be himself?

• What is the role of grandparents in raising children consciously, as an integral implication in their education?

These are just some of the questions we will get answered during the seminar "Conscious Growth of Children and Relationships," from four women who have dedicated their whole lives to living in truth and in harmony with themselves, with others and the world. surrounding.

Mirabai Lodro, Rose Volckhausen, Mary Young and Sharana Lhaksham have been for over 20 years on the spiritual path of the West Baile, under the direct guidance of Lee Lozowick, author of the book "Conscious Raising of Children" (whose launch will take place on Friday, August 3, at 19:00 at the Seeds for Happiness Center ). Through everything they have done and continue to do, they are an extraordinary example of wisdom, compassion, generosity and love. They have raised children, now they are grandparents, they are advisors to parents in the community in which they live and their friends who raise their children alone, are writers and hold conferences and seminars around the world on how to integrate the principles of a healthy, conscious life. , in accordance with the spiritual life of each, in all aspects of daily life. Currently, they live in the Hohm Sahaj Mandir spiritual community of Arizona USA, created by Lee Lozowick in 1975 and are responsible for preserving and communicating their master's teaching around the world.

To facilitate access for as many people to this seminar, we offer you several price variants. The seminar is held in lb. English and benefits from translation in lb. Romanian. For further details and registrations, please contact us by email or telephone.

Contact person: Claudia Damoc

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"Grow yourself consciously, and innocence and natural inner wisdom become the most satisfying human being!"- Lee Lozowick, author of the book "Raising Conscious Children"

"How to be a conscious parenting means a lot to me, because I see in this the only possibility of a good world for our children." - Claus Kostka, psychotherapist

"Conscious parental education means being able to understand children, to be awake at every turn and to be present enough to be able to provide what is really needed."- Rahima Baldwin Dancy, author of the book "You Are Your Child's First Teacher" / "You are the first mentor of your own child"

"The responsibility you feel when you are in the presence of children, either as a teacher or parent, or simply as a friend or partner, is practically the responsibility you take on the future of humanity. The models we offer to children , how we treat them and educate them as parents is more than important, it is absolutely vital for their mental, emotional and physical health, for their own good and for the planet itself (and even further, as space travel technology develops and the extraterrestrial explorations). Children grow up and become adults only by living with mature adults, not by inflicting moral principles on their nipples by some hypocritical unconscious who theoretically will do them good. Children are like sponges, they can even absorb everything they see, hear and feel, not only from the behavior of the main initial models of life, but also from accidental knowledge. What they absorb will influence the way it will develop, which in turn will have effects on the world in general, effects that we cannot even imagine. Someone's relationship with children has an impact on several subtle levels of existence. The conscious growth of children is therefore not only related to the good of an individual, but also to the rush to the present and future of the welfare of the whole society. "- Lee Lozowick, author of the book "Raising Conscious Children"

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