Mold: the hidden problem of allergies

Mold: the hidden problem of allergies

Mold is represented by saprophytic fungi or parasitic fungi that develop on the walls of the house, on stones and various walls and take the form of a gray or green layer. In time, the respective surface will degrade and the environment in which it is located.

It often appears from the high humidity of a room and evolves as the air in question is not cleaned with any substance that can remove it.

Not only does it degrade the environment in which it is present, but it also gets sick to people living in this type of environment. Some people do not realize what the problem is, getting to feel bad and having allergy symptoms.

These are manifested by suffocation or lack of normal breathing. Otherwise the lungs will feel heavy and depressing, the affected persons experiencing a state of continuous discomfort.

How do you realize you are allergic to mold?

The affected persons begin to sneeze suddenly in the presence of moldy places, at the same time presenting also symptoms of itching in the face. In addition, runny nose and red eyes are caused by places with a high level of humidity.

The patient's condition may worsen, as he may have a wheezing breath and a dry but productive cough. In addition to these symptoms, people living in humid environments should know that they are prone to allergies.

Mold can be found both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors it is used to appear in the spring, becoming more pronounced and aggressive throughout the year. The mold from the outside appears in gardens, where there is moist soil and heat.

In addition, stables and farms are also considered suitable places for these fungi. Children living in such environments should be kept apart as the development of such allergies from an early age can endanger their health.

Inside, the mold can extend on large surfaces, sometimes being discovered very late. It often appears in hidden and crowded places, such as the walls behind the cabinets, under models, but also in plants kept in pots.

It is important to take care to clean the environment in which you live because late mold detection can affect the airways and beyond. Because it is dangerous to any human, it is all the worse if it gets inhaled by a child.

Children are thus prone to various other allergies, becoming sensitive to almost any particle in the environment. Because their immune system is in full development, their exposure to moldy rooms can affect it, as children become weak.

What can we do to prevent mold from appearing?

First of all we have to check the surfaces where it could be hidden. Once found, the surface full of mold must be properly cleaned with the help of special substances.

Moreover, the whole room must be refurbished, avoiding crowded places, behind which the mold could have appeared. Purchasing a dehumidifier is a good idea, recommended by some doctors who say it airs the room.

Its role is to maintain humidity within normal parameters and to protect the home from mold and grease. Some people keep it somewhere between 40% and 60%, but there are people who mention that the optimum percentage is 50%.

In addition, all mattresses and sofas must be cleaned so that dust, dirt, mites can be removed, with the help of special combinations of substances. Carpets and floors should also be checked, and the mold must be destroyed.

How can we treat ourselves?

Although it is harder to achieve, changing the home or environment in which there is mold with a clean and healthy environment can be observed in the health of a patient. The states of discomfort can cause fatigue.

Thus, a patient will feel better and better able to regain his strength if he lives in a healthy environment. But this represents an alternative for very few people. Those who cannot change their home, can renew or clean it.

If the person allergic to the mold will take care of the cleaning, he will have to wear a protective mask because contact with him will be inevitable. However, do not forget to keep the children apart because only in this way can they heal. Although it may seem strange, one of the best treatments for mold allergies is its avoidance and its predisposition.

Medications can be taken by both children and adults, but you should pay attention to the amount administered, possibly even under the guidance and observation of the allergist.