It's never too late to get acquainted with energy!

It's never too late to get acquainted with energy!

Today's technology seems to be the answer to all problems, and children born in the modern age cannot even imagine a world from which the tangible benefits of science may not be part.

But, because it is extremely important for the real world to be their friend, and the information about the environment to be fair and tangible to the little ones, big people have a duty to teach children everything they need about the environment, natural resources. and their use! Here's just one example of how these useful lessons can be taught to children!

It's almost lunchtime, and Mihai is standing on the television in the morning. Although his mother is quite rigorous and has set some rules that everyone in the house must adhere to, it seems that today the desert cannot be detached from the screen.

- Mihai, please, put the remote control aside, I would like to tell you what the day program is. Look, now please get dressed, we'll go to eat in the park, have a picnic.

Mihai does not seem to hear, because he does not give any sign that he would be knocked at the words of the mother.

- Mihai?

- Hi, you hear after a few tens of seconds, while the boy's hands are moving agitated on the buttons on the remote control, sign that everything is more important there. Give me five more minutes, mommy. In fact, I don't even want to go for a picnic, I want to stay home.

-On TV?

-May? It would be perfect, mommy, you're the coolest ...

- No, you can't, today we go to the forest. I want to have a picnic and show you the world. you know, your world.

- No thanks. I know everything I need about the world. Today there are very smart phones, on the TV you can always move the stations with the remote control and find the most interesting information, so if I want to find out what you have to say. and the world doesn't go anywhere, does it?

The mother listened attentively to the child's speech, sketching only a small gesture to put aside a rebellious thread on her forehead, which had moved from its place when the little one spoke hurriedly.

- Come with me, my mother said. Let's get to know the world!

Partially convinced, Mihai turned off the TV, left the remote control on his desk, got dressed and got in the car with his parents. He was already a little bored and didn't even imagine what the day would be like for a picnic at the forest. There he met two other family friends, who had children, and attended one of the most useful lessons so far regarding the environment. He learned how to make barbecue grill, was told all kinds of things about the importance of wind in energy production, observed how water flows from a crack in the earth, and marveled with the other children when a piece of coal that burning burned small, red flames, while wood burned with large, yellow flames.

All the way home he talked only about the day spent in nature, and when he got home he started, under the supervision of the mother, the cooker, to see exactly what happens with the ignited gas, compared to the one from the forest. At bedtime, the mother kissed him on the forehead and told him that the earth's resources could not be replaced soon by the technology, but that yes, it is the technology that will be able to protect and exploit all its resources, both those renewable, as well as non-renewable.

All we have to do is give it so much importance that our effort really matters. Respecting the world we live in, future generations will also know how to do this and how to enjoy the miracle called Earth more!

ENGIE Romania (formerly GDF SUEZ Energy Romania), in partnership with The Hands Across Romania Association and the Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research have launched the tenth edition of the "Meeting with energy" educational program.

Over 2500 4th grade children from rural areas and small towns from counties Buzau, Prahova, Dambovita, Covasna, Brasov, Arges, Ialomita, Calarasi, Dolj and Gorj learn, in the period May 4 - June 15, to use energy resources responsibly and safely, aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

About the program

"Meeting with energy", a traditional program for ENGIE, is part of the company's social responsibility platform, Energy for good deeds. Launched in October 2007 and conducted every year in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, the program addressed a number of over 26,500 fourth-grade students. Over 120 ENGIE volunteers have so far been involved in the project, investing over 3000 hours of volunteering in this action.

A pet, named Metanoia, was created in 2007 by a participating student and represents the interface of the information transmitted to the students.

More information about the program is available on and the dedicated Facebook page.