We know the Romanian families inside!

We know the Romanian families inside!

We know the Romanian families inside!

A manifest campaign for the family, from the Arctic

It is the family that brings us and keeps us close.

The family is the one in which we learn to enjoy the fact that we are unique and to enjoy every moment spent together.

The family is the place where we learn to show our emotions.

The family is the one in which we live the true moments from home.

The family is not about perfection, but about happiness.

This weekend, on May 15, Romanian families celebrate International Family Day, a day that recognizes the importance of family and the moments spent with loved ones.

Arctic, the most beloved Romanian brand of home appliances *, considers the family as one of the most important values ​​of each of us. This year, Arctic recalls this idea with a new communication campaign "We know the families of Romanians from within", a campaign that talks about the excitement of family moments and how you can transform your routine at home into soul memories.

Last year, Arctic discussed with over 1,000 Romanians to better understand what makes them unique and how they truly define their happiness at home when spending time with their families. The new Arctic campaign brings the heroes of each family to the forefront, who each time manage to turn a simple moment into one ... at home, the one that gets to define us and provide us with benchmarks throughout our lives.

campaign "We know the families of Romanians from within" it reminds us that happiness is not about patterns, certain secrets or rules, ideal portraits, but about the uniqueness of family members and the moments they live together at home.

The family is constantly changing and today each member is involved and has a role in defining the home life. The kitchen is the place where it meets more and more often, and the household chores are done together and that is why they become less functional and more emotional, approaching the family members more and more.

The time spent at home became aspirational. It is about doing everything together, about getting involved and about creating beautiful memories.

Arctic is the brand closest to the families in Romania, the brand that knows the customs and traditions of each family, even from within, most of the families in Romania using Arctic appliances *.

Arctic is also one of the most long-standing Romanian brands, being with the Romanian families for over 45 years and at the same time, the household appliances brand of which the Romanian consumers feel the most attached.