Come to Sun Plaza to rejoice in the frozen city

Come to Sun Plaza to rejoice in the frozen city

Summer begins with new adventures and a lot of fun in the frozen city of Sun Plaza! We expect you every day, from today until June 12, to accompany us on a story trip.

Children with playgrounds are expected now, in early summer, to participate in the most fun polar activities. If they miss a "bulgareala", in the frozen city they will be able to compete with friends in lively competitions, full of good will. The friendly Eskimos will tell them about the fascinating world from the North Pole, and the three built igloos will prove to be full of surprises for all curious children to cross their threshold.

Also, the little ones can test their skills in competitions to throw circles on a cute and playful seal or in competitions imitating the penguins' walk. And if they want to imagine on paper what the enchanted world of the Frozen City looks like, the children are expected in specially arranged places, with lots of white sheets and colored pencils, to give the imagination a break and, why not, to enjoy enjoy snow flakes and snow globes. In the AraToys corner, they will have tables set up with 3D puzzles, tempting and creative games, templates and Playmobil toys.

The electric train will give the little ones the audible signal when they will go on a joyful journey through the frozen city and will invite them into the cheerful wagons.

We expect you to melt with joy in the Frozen City, every day, from 12:00 to 20:00.

The activities are suitable for children over 3 years. Admission is free.

More details on //www.sun-plaza.ro/event/te-topesti-de-bucurie-orasul-inghetat/ and www.facebook.com/Sun.Plaza.Shopping.Center.