We train Viitorul: a unique chance for 30 children without material possibilities, offered by Bucharest Sport Club

We train Viitorul: a unique chance for 30 children without material possibilities, offered by Bucharest Sport Club

The Bucharest Sport Club (BSC) ended the Antrenam Viitorul campaign, a social project after which 90 children without material possibilities benefited from free swimming courses, and 30 of them arrived in the club's performance teams.

On May 22, 2016, at the Olimpia Bucuresti basin, Bucharest Sport Club organized an event that marked the end of the Antrenam Viitorul campaign, held between December 2015 - May 2016. Under the careful supervision of Cameliei Potec and his coach, Doina Sava, the 90 beneficiaries of the program participated, perhaps for the first time, in a swimming competition and fought with excitement and enthusiasm to achieve the desired results.

Following the competition, 30 children, between the ages of 6 and 12, were selected to go on in the club's performance teams in the swimming, synchronous and triathlon sections. All the finalists, including 8 girls and 22 boys, will train with the BSC athletes and will have the opportunity to participate in national and international swimming competitions.

The 90 beneficiaries of the Antrenam Viitorul program were recruited with the help of five partner non-governmental organizations: SOS Children's Villages Romania, Save the Children Romania, World Vision, FARA Foundation and the "Me and my friends" Day Center. After 2 months of recruitment, all the selected children received free swimming lessons for four months, along with 11 BSC coaches. They enjoyed all the necessary conditions for conducting the courses - free transportation, complete equipment (swim / swimsuit, helmet, glasses, towel, backpack, t-shirt), auxiliary materials (collar, fins, cork, sticks) and a preparation attention from the club's volunteers.

"Coaching the Future is a start for equal opportunities, a future story changed for 30 children, but also a basis for selection for performance in places where no one usually looks. We want to thank once again our main sponsor, Caroli Foods Group, without which we would not have been able to complete this program. " said Marius Grigore, the founder of Bucharest Sport Club.

The social program Antrenam Viitorul entered in 2016 under the umbrella of the campaign "Journal of good deeds", developed by Caroli Foods Group, in partnership with the Family Association.

"Our effort to encourage performance among young people from families with financial difficulties started with the Journal of Good Works, the project that changes the future story of talented children. This year we wrote another tab in the Journal, supporting the project Train the Future thus providing a real chance for children without material possibilities to discover and carry on their talent. " added Ana Maria Bajan, marketing director at Caroli Foods Group.