5 things no one tells you about when you become a mother

5 things no one tells you about when you become a mother

The day your first child comes into the world radically changes your life. Nothing will be the same since that moment and nothing can really prepare you for that. We already know that everyone around you is coming up with tips and stories about what it means to be a mother, and we know just as well that some things nobody will tell you.

Here are five things you need to know before you become a mother and the people around you will never tell you:

1. You will feel the need to spend a few moments alone and this is natural

You will love your child unconditionally from the moment you find out that you are pregnant and just watching him sleep as your soul will be charged with positive energy and unlimited joy. You have to know, however, that sometimes you will feel the need to spend an afternoon alone or in the company of some adults to discuss topics with "big people". It is absolutely natural to want to go out and see your friends, while your father, grandmother or grandmother take care of your little one. You don't have to blame yourself for this, a happy mother has happy children, so you have to pay attention to your needs as well.

Make sure the baby has everything he needs and give him a few hours of relaxation. A breast pump is very useful at such times, the little one will enjoy all the nutrients of breast milk, and you can take a well-deserved break. We have found several models of breast pumps on this site - and electric, but also manual, at affordable prices and provided with massage cushion for more comfort.

2. The worries will never end

You will worry about the safety of your child from the moment you were born and your entire life from then on. This feeling will never go away, but you will just get used to living with it. If in the first year you wake up at every baby scan, in the second you will worry that he has not gained enough weight, in the fifth he does not have enough friends, and even in the fortieth year of his existence you will find reasons to you worry about him.

3. You will sleep in the corners and eat away during the first months

If you have a few sincere moms around you, they may have already told you this, but many of the moms who already have older children have forgotten how difficult the first few months are. Sleep and a three-course meal are a true luxury for your new parents, which is why you should enjoy as many relaxing moments in the nine months until your miracle is born.

Once you become a mother, your time will shrink, you will make your coffee in the morning and only in the evening will you get a mouthful of it, and your meals will always be taken from your feet. You will not have more than two hours of sleep related, and your fatigue will reach new heights.

4. There is nothing wrong with asking the help of other people

No one was born to learn and many new parents are being told not to know how to proceed in some situations. Ask for help when you need it, this will not make you a less good mother. Your friends and family will be very supportive, all you have to do is ask for it. It is for your own good, but especially for the good of the child.

5. Sometimes you will think that you are not doing the right thing

There will be difficult times when you will feel guilty, you will feel that you have to do more for the good of your child, that you are not doing enough. Every mother has had these thoughts at least once and most of the time they are just natural worries that we do. Surely, you will do everything you can to keep your little one from missing anything, so when you feel that these thoughts give you mischief, just look at his cheerful face and listen to his carefree laugh. We guarantee that any black thoughts will be completely dispelled.

Has anyone told you these things so far? Do you think you will face the situations described by us?