Ada Kaleh. The island from the soul

Ada Kaleh. The island from the soul

The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant awaits you Thursday, August 2, 5 pm at the opening of the exhibition "Ada Kaleh. The island from the soul". The exhibition is part of a project funded by AFCN and will be subsequently toured at the Museum of National History and Constanta Archeology (September 14 - 28, 2012) and at the Iron Gates Region Museum in Drobeta-Turnu Severin (October 9 - 31, 2012).

The exhibition "Ada Kaleh. The island from the soul" is open at the Foaier Hall from 3 to 19 August 2012, from Tuesday to Sunday, between 10.00 - 18.00. The entry is free.

We are invited to open a history page from Romania's recent past. We will recall together the tragic destiny of the small island on the Danube, downstream of the old Orsova, disappeared along with it in the involuted waters of the river, when the construction of the Iron Gates Hydro Power Plant was completed - at the beginning of the 70's of the last century. .

The particular way of life, specific to the island community predominantly of the Turkish ethnicity - was not reconstituted faithfully - otherwise impossible to reproduce truthfully in a temporary exhibition. It was only sought, by creating a special atmosphere to suggest - as far as possible - the uniqueness of an exotic space, lost forever.

The story of the island was built step by step from photographs taken mostly from the personal archives of the former islanders, from postcards and illustrated books from the glory period of the island, from old maps and from stories full of pain or nostalgia of the island's inhabitants. Objects from Ada Kaleh (as many have been kept), but others, with symbol value, will complete a picturesque picture that each visitor will outline from disparate and subjective information. It is the only possible perspective today on a space considered by locals as an earthly paradise, about to become mythology.

After the opening, we are invited for a time travel through the film camera, giving us a screening of documentary films made in and about Ada Kaleh at the end of the decade by the Sahia Film studio. To these will be added the film Ada Kaleh Stories by Ismet Arasan (Turkey, 2009).

Curators: Rodica Marinescu, Carmen Mihalache
Project coordinator: Magda Andreescu

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