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LErbolario helps you enjoy a shiny tan

LErbolario helps you enjoy a shiny tan

The sun is one of beauty's best friends, and the memories of a fascinating summer can quickly be imprinted on the mind, but especially on the skin.

In order to take full advantage of the sun and obtain a brighter and healthier tan, L'Erbolario offers efficient products, dedicated to different skin types or to different moments of exposure.

The products contain natural moisturizing, nourishing, soothing substances, with a high efficiency, which can be easily applied, giving the skin absolute comfort. They guarantee maximum protection and reduce the harmful effects of the solar radiation responsible for aging the skin.

Sunscreen cream with Californian poppy extract SPF50: Its formula is created for people with delicate skin, light in color, prone to redness, being ideal for the first days of sun exposure and for children. It has a very pleasant consistency, which can be easily applied to the face and body. Price: 67.99 lei

SpraySole with argan oil and goji extract SPF30: the product is water resistant, offering an extremely invigorating effect. Due to their antioxidant properties, argan oil and goji extract make this fluid an ally in keeping skin youthful. Price: 85.99 lei

Elasticizing beach oil with yellow, jojoba & green walnut bark SPF6: the product is a "dry oil", pleasant to use and water resistant, recommended for quick and intense tan. Thanks to the new purification techniques, the light texture facilitates the application and removes the usual disadvantages: it does not lubricate, it does not stain, it does not leave the skin slippery and, above all, it does not attract sand. Price: 77.99 lei

Super-ointment with carrot, nutmeg & aloe without filter: dedicated to people with dark skin and resistance, sun-loving, but also to all those who want to intensify as much as the bronze already obtained. Without sunscreen, it is rich in nutrients and soothing, to provide comfort and splendor to the skin, during and after sun exposure. Price: 86.99 lei

Soleombra Fluid emulsion after the beach with barley wax & shea butter: suitable for the face, but also for the body, it restores the proper percentage of hydration of the epidermis, nourishes it in depth, ensuring a soft appearance and eliminating the danger of peeling, strengthens the defense mechanisms, preparing it to face the difficulties of the next day. It is applied after showering on the areas where the skin is extremely thick or very red. Price: 82.99 lei

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