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Choosing the child's name according to numerology

Choosing the child's name according to numerology

Numerology can help you choose a lucky name for your child. With its help, you can transform the whole name into a figure that dictates its entire destiny. This is called the destiny figure and it can have a major influence on the route your child will take in life.

Astro-numerology is called the method by which you can do this, to predict the fate of your descendants or even to influence it.

To calculate this number, you must collect the numbers corresponding to each letter in the name of your child, then collect the numbers of the number obtained until you reach a single figure. If your son or daughter bears two names, you will have two destiny numbers.

Here are the numbers corresponding to each letter of the alphabet:

Figure 1: letters A, J, S

Figure 2: B, K, T

Figure 3: the letters C, L, U

Figure 4: letters D, M, V

Figure 5: letters E, N, W

Figure 6: letters F, O, X

Fig. 7: G, P, Y

Figure 8: the letters H, Q, Z

Figure 9: letters I, R

Thus, if you want to baptize your little girl Sofia, the number of her destiny will be 1 + 6 + 6 + 9 + 1 = 23, 2 + 3 = 5. If you have a boy to whom you want to give his name Tudor, the number of his fate will be 2 + 3 + 4 + 6 + 9 = 24, 2 + 4 = 6.

Here is the significance of the destiny figures!

Destiny figure 1

The people who have this figure of destiny have the ability of leaders and are very independent. They are very good at solving problems and I am always ready to guide those in this direction. They have a native talent for innovating things, they are brave and that is why they are very suitable for management positions.

Destiny figure 2

Those who have this figure of destiny are very empathetic people and listen to and help those around them. Wise people, they have the skills of mediators and they are very good at resolving conflicts. They communicate very coherently naturally and master the art of diplomacy, but they also have the ability to influence those around them. Politics is a good field for these people.

The destiny figure 3

Original and with an overflowing imagination, those who have the figure of destiny 3 are very positive and optimistic, so they bring joy wherever they go.

They always benefit from the admiration of the others and are very friendly, so their social life is very active.

In addition, they are very convincing and their communication skills are extraordinary. The professions that are right for these people are the ones who value these qualities: a career in sales or communication is perfect for them.

Destiny figure 4

People who have the destiny number 4 are usually very orderly and rigorous. They like the responsibilities and easily assume them, never leaving their unfinished projects.

They have patience and are very attentive to the details, but they are great at organizing things inside a company, setting rules and making sure they will be respected. The areas that suit them are those that require rigor and attention, such as architecture or engineering.

Destiny figure 5

People who have the destiny figure 5 are very versatile and can easily adapt to any situation. They have the ability to focus on several things at once and do their best to perfect their knowledge in several areas.

This is why most of them will want to try more professions. Plus, they get bored pretty quickly when they have no challenges, so they love the changes. He could make a career in the areas of showbiz or advertising.

Destiny figure 6

People who have this figure of destiny are made to help those around them. In fact, most of them are skilled artists and will try to help their peers through the art they create. Empathize deeply with those in need and do everything they can to alleviate them.

Therefore, they are perfect for the profession of doctor, teacher, psychologist or social worker.

The destiny figure 7

This figure of fate influences its carriers to have a sixth feel very well developed when involved in investigations and analyzes.

They are lonely people, who like the role of observer. They train continuously and do not leave until they find out the answers to all the questions they have. Their scientific careers are great for them.

Destiny figure 8

People who have this figure of destiny are very ambitious. Financial security is always a priority for them, as well as personal comfort. Therefore, they will never be satisfied with professions that do not bring them financial satisfaction.

Being trustworthy and initiative-oriented, they are suitable for administrative positions and for leadership roles.

The destiny figure 9

This figure of destiny indicates that those who carry it are artistic, very sensitive and very empathetic. They feel good when they see that their work satisfies others and keeps their optimism regardless of the situation.

The professions that suit them are those of doctor, diplomat, lawyer, judge or artist.

Do you believe in numerology? Did you choose the name of your child based on this aspect? We look forward to your comments in the comments section below!

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